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Hyde Park Central School District Reviews

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I had the best experience during my tweleve years in the Hyde Park Central School District. The education I received carried me from kindergarten to now a senior in High School. I have had the most fantastic teachers who have really influenced my life, and my learning. I know that learning and staying in this district will carry me through college and beyond.
My experience at the Hyde Park district was average. Classes that were offered did not stand out compared to other districts. School diversity and culture was well spread throughout the school. Yet school safety is not the best.
I just graduated and can say that my education at FDR has helped me become a capable freshman in college. The teachers prepared me well. As a matter of fact my physics teacher was the one that helped me decide what major I would study at RIT.
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Hyde Park is a well put together school district. I moved to Hyde Park when I was 12 starting in 6th grade and all the teachers and students made me feel welcome. I never experienced bulling or problems with any administrators. The schools in this district could improve there cooling and heat systems and there food. Because Hyde Park is in New York , we experience winter and summer every year. I feel as though it is necessary to have your students comfortable in class so they can concentrate on what’s important instead of worrying about the weather. The food quality should be improved because it’s mostly wasted. Many people who eat school lunch will only eat one thing then throw the rest out because it was disgusting or questionable. Students should be able to have a healthy meal without waste or worry. To conclude, Hyde park central school district is a very welcoming school district to all, like all schools it’s not perfect but it is a decent school to attend.
This school district is becoming better. Has grown temendously while I attended school here. The classroom sizes are decent so each child get the attention they deserve. Also, the size of the classes are perfect because it will allow you child to thrive with less competition.
It has outstanding art classes and amazing staff all the teacher are amazing in the future I will take more classes and drop my lunch to get in more classes at the amazing school hpcsd gives us to use
It’s a high school. It is what you make of it. Personally, I’ve had a wonderful time here because I have taken advantage of all of the opportunities the school offers. The teachers are dedicated to their students and overall it is a wonderful school. I am honored I got to go here.
I had a great time at FDR High School. It isn't the top school, but it's gotten a lot better over the years. I made great friends for life, including teachers, and I wouldn't trade it. The food is eh but then again what high school food isn't?
Very good learning environment with nice helpful staff a great lunch and many friends. You can find a wide diversity of activities and people. You can find techy people with computers all the way to musically talented people. There is sure a club or activity for you.
This school is not the most updates. They keep trying and trying but do not go anywhere. They are not nice to students half the time. They are very unfair. They need to FIX THE HEAT!
I had an average experience overall going to Hyde Park schools. Unfortunately, bullying does occur and I think there should be a better system to stop it intact.
Hyde Park central school district has wonderful schools. This district made me ready for my college experience and the staff was overall great.
I myself have been in this school district since I was in kindergarten all the way up to being a senior in high school. This school district is a really good one for the area. It may be on the small side but the education, teachers, and transportation plus facilities are excellent. The staff that works in the school is very helpful in all ways that they can be. They will make time to stay after school to help any students, and will work collaboratly with the students to make sure they get the education needed for success in the future.
Hyde park central school district provides an adequate education outline, providing many after school clubs and sports.. Teachers on their own time offer after school tudoring or can proved a advanced student teacher.
What I like about the Hyde park central school district the most was the faculty and staff. Every teacher I have had has done their best and has put in their efforts to make me a better student every day. They continue to make me want to explore and go to college. The sports in the school district are amazing too. A lot of school spirit, with amazing teams.
I have been at the high school or four years now and overall i believe FDR to b an okay school. Yes it does have its strengths and weaknesses, but what school doesn't. The teachers are willing o help you in any way they can and you can meet all types of people here.
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