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Hyannis Area Schools is a very small school located in the heart of the Sandhills in Western Nebraska. We have a student body of less than 90 students in our high school. We have a full academic program with specific teachers that specialize in each class. Teachers are always available to help students, offer one-on-one work and studying. Hyannis puts academics first, but sports are also very important. We are a class D2 ranked school in the state.
Hyannis Area Schools is a high school and an elementary school combined. It is very small, but the opportunities are wonderful. For instance, since the high school and elementary are combined, high school students can get hands on experience with the elementary kids. This is especially helpful for those going into Elementary Education. The one thing that I would like to see change is to hire new teachers. Some teachers in this school I can honestly say are not the best at their job, and need to have a replacement.
I think Hyannis is an amazing school. The school is in process of expanding and bettering the school system. Hyannis has a great staff, coaches, teachers, cooks, and all! It has been a wonderful experience to be a part if the Longhorn Nation for the past 11 years. The school provides sports and multiple extra-curricular activities for all students to participate in and we excel in. Hyannis has some of the most athletic teams you can hope for in my opinion and some of the smartest students in the district. I am upset to be leaving this school in about 6 months and there is no doubt that I will miss everyone and everything about this school, and all I can hope for more is to be able to raise my children in this same community and school system in the future.
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Hyannis High School has definitely been an interesting experience for me over the past 5 years. It has some of the best teachers in our area, and we have our testing scores to prove it. We have become better at athletics over the years, and have received some of the best coaching staff this past year. Hyannis is a very friendly community and treats you like family.
It is a small enough school you can be involved in lots of sports and activities. I am able to play three sport and be involved in speech and one act. The down side is there isn't very many opportunities to take dual credit. There also isn't AP classes.
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