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I have been a student in Hutto Independent School District since the first grade. When my parents and I first moved to Texas we moved to Hutto and both my parents got job with the school district and I was enrolled into the first grade. I have never had a bad teacher nor a run in with administration doing anything but helping me. Despite that overall the school lunches and breakfasts are awful. The food is almost inedible and nothing is being done to change it. In addition to horrible food the schools are older so they are starting to fall apart. Sadly the town is growing so quickly that there is constantly a need for new schools so the old schools are ignored and are often falling apart.
This school is the worst in Williamson county the administrators have no regard for the safety or the feelings of the students. terrible fights happen in hutto, terrible things happen to people there...On the outside Hutto may "look" nice but on the inside, it is a prison that will bring a child down if they show any signs of individuality and will do anything to protect their precious athletes to save Hutto "great" reputation....please do not put your children in this school. For their own safety DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN GO HERE...please...
My overall experience at Hutto high school has been great. I made alot of friends and made many memories. Clubs, sports, and other activities helped me stay involved in the school.
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Hutto is an amazing district that is always trying to accel in finding new ways to improve learning, and student engagement. The administrators are very passionate about what they do, and are always very engaged with their job.
I love Hutto ISD! We moved here specifcilly for the school! We have a son in elementry and another in high school
It gives good oppurtunities for you to graduate and do something good in the future and the teachers at hutto high school are very nice and helpful when you need help on homework or assighnments and they also help you get ready for college and end of course
Hutto is a very tight knit community with a large emphasis on learning and employs the people that it needs to in order to achieve its academic goals. While it may not have as much money as larger schools in Austin or Round Rock, it does as much as possible with what it does have.
I would like them to hear the voices of students more. The students deserve to be heard and reasonable change can be made in the school environment to make going to school a more enjoyable event.
I liked Hutto schools. Teachers are sillón to help you if you ask. Staff and admistrators are very supportive. I am not saying its perfect because I do think it need to work on how some administrators handle and deal with the public. Some be very rude and uncaring. I also think the counselors need to work extra hard to reach out to students and be involved in the student academic life and get them prepare for college or other plans the students might have.
I was a student at Hutto High School from elementary school all the way until graduation. This school has pretty good community within it's walls, but the faculty needs to realize that there are bigger fish to fry on some of their rules. I also felt very unprepared for college when I got there, because of the classes I took in high school.
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