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Teachers not choosing favorites, and to be more there for there students and be one on one with them.
I would like to see more community involvement by the school. The school is not so much supported by the community, and the exclusiveness about the school is out of control. No one is nice to anyone outside of their clique, and I would like to see this change.
Hutchinson’s Public School system isn’t perfect, but there’s a special bond that I, personally, have grown with the teachers as well as my classmates. Throughout elementary school and high school, I knew I had a special place in Hutchinson’s school system, and I’ve always felt at home. Proud to be a Salthawk!
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Acts like its a prison, not a school. Had more freedom in middle school. Half the teachers were terrible, some were fantastic. A lot of rules were applied my junior year that didn't need to be there. Gates all over.
Great schools over all. They have many classes to help students find their passion. I hope to see them grow in the future.
I like that there were more people to associate with, that there were smaller cliches within the normal ones. I loved to range of classes provided and that some classes could be taken as dual credit. I also really loved all of my teachers.
Loved the teachers...improvement in the athletic department would be helpful..have better counseling to get ready for college.
I have really enjoyed going to high school and middle school in Hutchinson. There are so many opportunities, from hackysack club to International Baccalaureate classes and much more! I go to school everyday knowing I'm in a safe place, surrounded by staff and teachers that genuinely want to see me succeed. My one takeaway from it all is that at Hutch High, students can be whatever they want, because the people there will work their hardest to see it through.
My mom taught at a Hutchinson public school, and it was sad how they hardly put any effort into those kids' future. There were so many young kids that needed special attention and extra help, and my mom and her co-workers would make sure they got it. However, their resources were limited because the budget was so small.
As a freshman, I really really did not enjoy school and dreaded it everyday. There was a lot of stress and I was busy and exhausted everyday. But, now as a senior I really do see all the beneficial things Hutch High has to offer. I was simply overwhelmed at that point of my life. Hutchinson is fortunate enough to offer the IB (international Baccalaureate) program and can be very beneficial to students as long as they know what they are getting themselves into a lot of work. I experienced IB through IB Art, IB business management, and completing the IB Career Program diploma. Hutchinson also offers dual credit with our local Community college which is great so you can get done with college courses in high school. Hutch high does get a lot of bad press though, we have had multiple occurrences with threats and other crazy things. Despite this, we have an overall very positive campus and environment.
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