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Hutchinson Public School District Reviews

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The teachers are awesome! They work well with students who are doing PSEO as well as High School Classes. Most of the teachers are easy to work with when scheduling meetings outside of class. Many have a specific time set aside each week where students can come in and get help. If they are not available to meet they will find someone to help you. I would say that this is one of the best qualities of the High School.
The Hutchinson schools are fantastic to grow up through. I wish their opportunities for advanced classes and activities started earlier.
Fun, new school to be at. The teachers and faculty are very kind and respectful of others and are always there to help you with school work.
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After being here for approximately 3 years, I have noticed that there is very little racial diversity. Being white, I can't directly see the segregation, but I do have friends of another ethnicity that explain to me the overall aspects of school life here at Hutchinson Senior High. It is directly opinionated as "white is right," which is definitely not okay.
Many higher educational opportunities in the high school. Teachers and staff are alright. Not a lot of bullying.
I had an overall good experience at Hutchinson Public Schools. However, at the high school, the facilities were definitely a little run down. The teachers were great for the most part with an exception of a few teachers. The food wasn't the best- taste wise or nutrition wise. However, I know that right now they are renovating HHS which should hopefully fix these problems.
There are many different academic courses to choose from, as well as extra curriculars. The district offers many AP and college level classes.
I love this school district! It is filled at all grade levels with AMAZING teachers who genuinely care about their students. Their care is on academics, personal life, and their futures.
I have learned a lot. The teachers are caring and you know they are there for you and are there to help you succeed. The building is practically falling apart but they are not letting that stop them from having a great educational experience.
Hutchinson High School is a very nice school. Teachers are very helpful and there is a program set up for students who need extra help.
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