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Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District Reviews

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What I liked about HEBISD was how the teachers care about your academics. They have tutoring hours to help you succeed or you need help with. I enjoyed my high school year in HEBISD area. I grew up from Grand Prairie District area and the differences was the academic. I have learned a lot while I was at HEBISD. I also liked how we have two separate building to go to class, for example, a TECH academy. I also enjoyed my time there as well because it's connected with another high school. What they should change was the add more activities or clubs other than that every thing is good as it is.
I love trinity high school because it is full of many different cultures and ethnicities and the school takes every chance it gets to embrace its diversity.
I like the diversity of the schools I've been in. There are staff members who exceed my expectations but there are a few who stunt educational growth; perhaps they haven't progressed with the rapid change. LD Bell band is a stellar community that I love being apart of and LD Bell's IB Program is a great opportunity for academics.
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My experience in the HEB was pretty great and I can’t complain. I was blessed with teachers who cared about me and cared about my future. And with my high school being the most diverse in the state of Texas it always meant you really never felt left out. The only thing I would change is the food in the school district. It was mostly bland and they did not change it up much. Aside from that the school district is really good and I would highly recommend it for any kids i know
Being a graduate from HEB has given me many benefits. The different culturals and the diversity I experienced while attending school in HEB has given me a different perspective in life. I always looked forward going to school, not only because of the academics but mostly because of the school spirt we had and the activities, sports, and the environment. The teachers were great and the coaches were like another parent to us, it was like another family I could count on. Attending HEB was a great experience for me and a great experience to learn from in life.
The reason why I like HEB is because they make you responsible for your learning. Meaning, if you put in 100% you’ll get the results you’d want. Making me prepared for post high school opportunities.
Great administration at the schools. Great teachers. True role models. They are an inspiration. Learning is great. It so much fun attending a public schools because you get to meet a lot of new people which is great and get to make close friendships.
I love H.E.B. because it has so many great organizations and programs that allow students like me have a greater opportunity to attend college.
Very good. I went to school in this district for all 13 years. The schools are great in terms of teachers whether or not all of them had the most money. I had a lot of fun in my high school English classes
HEB is dedicated to expanding the horizons of all students and participates in a large amount of community outreach. However, their math departments need more training in order to keep students on track for successful test scores.
They're pretty good. I wish they were less focused on academics and allowed kids to actually take electives
HEB is a place of love and comfort that makes kids feel at home . Having the HEB school district with me for the past four years has made my transition through high school easier, and more attainable. HEB has really changed my life . I will forever be thankful .
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I liked the language programs because our district is the only one in Texas that allows Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, and Hindu. We also have the Gene Buinger Academy that offers advanced electives in technology, health and science, animation, robotics, etc.
the Hurst- Euless- Bedford independent school district takes pride in it academic success and has been given many awards for their accomplishments. Most schools throughout the school district are very diverse, filled with multiple different ethnicities and cultures. Because of this factor, most students that have grown up through the school district have a great respect for ethnicities different from their own.
It’s honestly a good school, it’s a good challenge but could use more parent involvement to get a successful education.
In this school district all the teachers, from elementary to high school, care about their students. Each and every one want to and strive to have their kids succeed. That loving and nurturing atmosphere is what made me enjoy being enrolled in this district.
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HEB is a great district that places emphasis on fine arts and music! I loved growing up here and the only thing I would like to see change is to upgrade sections of Bell's school building; it's getting a little old!
What I like the most about HEB ISD is the student and staff. I love the diversity that everyone is exposed to. It opens up many opportunities for students and staff to learn more about one another. Also the learning environment is outstanding, I love that I have learned so much from being here!
The AP/IB programs were challenging, while preparing us for college. Teachers took the time to make sure we were understanding materials and prepared for our AP/IB testing. The teachers were very caring, and allowed students to come to them about truly anything. However, administration was sub-par. Throughout my high school career, I was bullied and consistently went to administration with the problem. Instead of putting an end to the situation, they would call us in for a meeting to reconcile our differences and basically made us "hug it out." This obviously never worked and the bullying persisted, to the point I was scared to go to school and would make myself sick. The administration should open their eyes to the realities of bullying and really take these accusations far more seriously and take more drastic measures to deal with these problems. I am sure I was not the only one dealing with this and it's unfortunate to think I was one of the few to say something about it.
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