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Need more funding! Good teachers left because they were not paid enough! We ended up with a teacher that was drunk everyday!
I loved high school. You meet so many new people that'll become friends throughout your lifetime. I wish the staff was more willing to prevent or take action towards actual bullying in the school. The teachers did more to help with that matter than the principal and counselors.
average school have been here at this district since kindergarten. no issues we have moved but have stayed in the district
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Huron Valley is your average school district, except with less money. In 5th grade, there was a chance the middle school I was planning to go to would be closed due to lack of money. Thankfully, my middle school was saved by one vote, and a different school got closed. The buildings are old and worn down, but the community seems nice enough.
Very good administration and lots of options for sports and clubs. The education was average for a public school, and they had options for AP classes if you wanted to challenge yourself. They did what they could with what they had.
Overall, HVS has a basic curriculum that could be changed to have more interesting activities for the students. School safety also needs to be improved as the enterance of the school needs to change. Strangers should not be able to enter the school just because they have valid identification. A system should be created so that any person that wants to get into the school needs to have a special ID or be told to come to the main office. Huron Valley is a good district that could use building, safety, and curriculum updates.
This district is very welcoming and kind. It cares for its students and pick teachers who can be inspirations. Some of the staff in a few of the schools helped me become who I am today. The district offers opportunities to children in hopes that they can become who they want to be in the future
I overall liked the different sports and activities that were available throughout the school district. Something I did not enjoy about the school district would have to be the amount of students involved with drugs and poor decision making. There was a lack of attention brought to this and I think it brought down our district a great amount.
Huron Valley School district is an overall good district. There are opportunities for changes. Some teachers are not always the best and the allocation of money and resources is not always the strongest but overall a very good district.
The Huron Valley school I attended was Lakeland High School. Throughout my four years of being there, going to the football games was one of my favorite things to do. Why? Because our school was there as a whole, cheering on our school. Everyone was one. That's what Lakeland is, a whole. I always felt like everyone was a family and the connection was our school. The teachers were our "parents," the students were like our "siblings." It felt like home.
Art programs were not taken very seriously. Most of the teachers were knowledgeable and enthusiastic, but others were disrespectful and unwilling to help. The administration at Lakeland was very annoying, rude, disrespectful, and stubborn.
I was a student at Huron Valley Public schools from kindergarten to graduation. I had a decent experience while attending. The staff was overall a high quality and I believe that the did a okay job on preparing students for college.
The Huron Valley school system is amazing! As a student at the International Academy, I love the schools.
Keep the graphic arts and photography programs, they helped me a ton. most of the time the teachers were amazing, and really wanted you to learn and make it fun for you to be there. I do wish that they had more classes in high school like personal finance, like real world classes. The schools are clean and always have supplies for teachers to use in the classroom which is a huge thing because I am studying to be a teacher and that is something I am looking for when looking for a job. Overall my sister and I have a great experience with Huron Valley Schools and I would definitely put my future children in this school district.
As you can see from the academic scores, HVS places very little emphasis on academics. There are minimal programs in place for high achievers and college prep is not emphasized. Lakeland High School seems to use all resources on dealing with drug problems and under-achieving students. Counselors do not meet with students on a regular basis, and are no help with gathering college information. Other than College Night (when kids can walk to multiple booths and pick up pamphlets, the kids are only exposed to community colleges. Nobody here is aiming for a great academic experience, and kids never come first!!
I like the students and the activities we do with our classes. I want the teachers to teach better. The teachers sometimes don not teach as well as I want them too. There classes are sometimes boring and hard for me to understand.
Lakeland highschool was a great highschool. I enjoyed the teachers and the students. The staff of lakeland was very helpful whenever i needed something.
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Overall Huron Valley Schools are middle of the road. They are not exceptional, as shown by their test scores. There are some teachers that are really good and some really bad.
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