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Overall great experience. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in both the school and the community and enhance your high school experience. The school is in Huron Township, the only high school in the township and collaborates with the other local schools to accommodate vo-tech and other programs.
The teachers are really great! The administration really seems to care. Small district, but very good. Nice selection of vocational courses, try to prepare the students for college. Good selection of sports. They encourage parental involvement. Really good arts, music and drama programs. A lot of community involvement. Really encourage higher education levels. It's a very safe district. Quite a good selection of clubs. They recognize the students for their accomplishments.
Huron High School gives you a big school experience while still being small. One problem with Huron is that everyone was raised together, therefore being a new student is very hard. The teachers are some of the absolute best! Class sizes are decent and not filled. They have a wonderful sports program, as some of their sports went on to win state competitions. The art programs are equally wonderful due to their dedicated students. While Huron may not be perfect, I am beyond grateful that I got to experience high school in this great environment. I will forever cherish my memories here.
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I enjoy that the teachers and staff are engaged in our day to day learning. They will also take time to help you plan for the future. I can even seek assistance from teachers that are not directly involved in my curriculum.
Had fun since freshman year. The people are very nice. Love the teachers. Very helpful staff. A wide variety of advanced classes. Very competitive classmates that made me work harder to reach my class rank. Sadly I have a 3.8 and am 61 in the class.
Huron Schools have not only amazing faculty and staff, but they did a great job of prepping me from 4th grade to 12th to help me with my future. Amazing school!
My overall experience was very good. I went here my whole life and I would not say anything bad about it. However, they could get better at getting you more involved with technology and getting you ready for college.
I have been in this school district for eight years and have enjoyed everything I've done. I've been involved in various clubs and sports over the years.
I have been in the Huron School District since Kindergarten. I have loved almost all of the teachers I have had. However, I would change parts of the athletic department and expand the amount of A.P. courses offered at the High School.
I like the closeness of the Huron Family. I have not really had any issues with the teachers or any students in particular.
I liked the teachers everyone is so nice and willing to help you out no matter what. I liked the many choices in academics, clubs, and athletics. There are multiple AP courses that are available and there are also online classes to fit in a schedule that cannot fit another class offered in school. The counselors and counseling office is very helpful in the college application/transcripts process as well. I also liked having our own police officer in building during school hours especially with all of the school shootings that have been happening.
Great overall experience great staff great number of advanced placement classes compared to nearby schools
Starting off at Huron High School was great! However, it quickly declined as I started to continue throughout my high school years. My mom started working as a para-follow here and was treated terribly by many people. Also, because she was treated wrongly me and my brother also got a lot of guff at the same time. I am excited to be graduating this year! Some of the teachers are really nice but there are certain ones that don't respect you but yet still think that they deserve respect.
The district like most public schools is plagued with a lack of resources or mismanagement of them but the teachers and administrators do more than their fair share in picking up where the legislature and school board drop the ball
I really enjoy the small town setting of my school because it allows me to make connections with all my fellow students and teachers. The school pride is exceptional and they offer a huge variety of classes.
Huron is a very safe, good school to attend. All the teachers genuinely care about you and about getting you to college. I feel like sometimes the student are babied a little bit and could do with more freedom but other than that it is a fun and happy environment to work, learn, and meet lifelong friends.
I had a wonderful experience at Huron High School. All of the teachers helped me every step of the way. Huron wants only the best for their students and I am glad I was part of the tribe!
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I have had nothing but an amazing experience at Huron High School. The staff is always willing to help if you're having trouble with anything, inside or outside of school! The school provides a great learning environment for all types of learning levels. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school!
The teachers were fantastic, I love everything Huron has to offer and would recommend going here for high school for anyone looking for a excellent school of choice school.
Huron High School was an incredibly nice school, academically the school excels, and helps prepare you for college. The teachers were excellent and were incredibly successful in helping students retain valuable knowledge.
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