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I had an overall good experience. I feel if you are focused there are plenty of opportunities to excel . The teachers at my school are all nice. I feel the school is on the road to improvements from when i transferred here.
Huntsville school district is very intelligent and caring community . Teachers actually get to know their students very well because how small it is. Some changes I would like to see in the future is the involvement in parents. Parents really need a vote on the changes that the administration make every year. Other than that this school have provided me with many new experiences and a great education !
My experience with my high school is that I feel as though the teachers do care for students safety, they do their best to get involved with each and every student as much as they can. Yet I feel some rules they have created to "protect us" are not that necessary. For example, students can't bring non-clear backpacks but band students can carry their large instrument cases that aren't see through. But of course I don't view that as a huge issue.
In the end I really enjoy my time in Huntsville and the fact its size and total number of students is much smaller than an average high school, so everyone pretty much knows each other.
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Huntsville is a great school with an excellent staff. Huntsville makes sure that the student's safety is the number one priority. Student's have to wear clear/mesh backpacks.
I love going to school in such a small town. Everyone knows almost everyone here which could be good as well as bad at times. I however wish we had more classes to choose from that are unique and that we might enjoy better. I also do not care for the flex mod schedule. We're one of the first schools in the state of Arkansas to get this schedule. I love the free time, however, I wish some kids were more grounded to do their work during this time. I love to spend my time studying and getting work done, but usually there are kids beside me causing a ruckus. I would love to see our school district grow over the years and see better things happen for our schools as well as our community. I think Huntsville is a good school for such a small town!
The facilities are dismal and the administration has mismanaged money and resources. The teachers are underpaid and school spirit is low.
I am enrolled in Huntsville high school and this year will be my senior year. I have spent almost 5 years attending school at Huntsville and have not enjoyed most of it. Our high school is ranked 65 in the state and is continuing to drop due to the fact that the school board causes so many problems with the way we learn as kids. We've been forced to start programs like flex mod to "help" with our college readyness when in all actuality the school board and district receives money for using this program. There's so many people and problems that won't be fixed because the small town of 2,000 really doesn't care about the lives of students after they leave their small town. Do your child a favor and get them outta there before it's too late.
Small school, mostly everyone is friendly. There are many ways to be involved with the school. The teacher are nice and knowledgeable about what they teach.
I liked how welcoming the entire staff was whenever I became a freshman. Everyone is friendly and you feel comfortable when going to school. Huntsville High School is the perfect size for any student because it is not too overwhelming, but it still offers multiple classes that you need to graduate and prepare yourself for college.
I love our program. The teachers and staff are very helpful. They care about the education and future of all students at Huntsville High School. I hope to see a change in size. Our school is very small and crowded.
Huntsville is a small community in Northwest Arkansas. The small student population means extra attention from the teachers. If you are struggling, someone will notice and offer assistance. No one is left behind or in a corner "unnoticed". The counselors are a great asset in guiding you in your career goals, college scholarships, and acceptance. Overall great educational program!!
Huntsville School District is a decent school district but the people in Huntsville are a bit stuck up and if you do not know the right people or are not part of certain families don't expect your sons to play football even if they are on the team or your daughters to be treated fairly in the school system. If you are of a lower economic standing the teachers and staff at the school treat your children like they are trash and blame them for most things.
In the last year Huntsville School district has changed its way of teaching. I agree with how the teachers teach. Huntsville is a small town so the teachers have less students to teach, which means the teachers have more of a experience with one on one learning and helping an student on their weak spots. The high school has basically went all electronic. At the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year, every high school student was issued their own Chromebook to use through out the school year with a $25 insurance fee, in case it got stolen or broken. There are pros and cons about the system. Pros are you can have your work all together and organized in one place. Cons are sometimes the computers don't save the work and you have to redo your work. I prefer a paper copy for notes and tests. All in all I would recommend Huntsville school district to many people.
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