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Huntsville Independent School District Reviews

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Everyone is really nice and helpful. The teacher and stuff care about their students and what they need in life.
The one thing that I do like about Huntsville High School is the handful of involved staff members. They do make things there way easier and understanding. They also take the time to make sure that you are indeed college ready before senior year comes. They consider you as their own child and help you strive for the best. They hold high standards for you and push you to fulfill every last one of their expectations and more.
Huntsville High School has been the best high school that one would attend. Every one is always involved in this school including sports, school traditions, academics and even clubs. The faculty and staff always make sure that everyone who goes to Huntsville High School is successful. I graduated this year from the school and there is nothing I would change about this school.
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There is not much control or balance between student body and administration. Every year we have a "school fight day" and no one can control it. There were a rumored 13 fights my sophomore year on the "fight day" and news teams came by.
The teacher are nice but there are some that do not seem to really care what the students do. There a lot of fights and disrecptpful children and some of the teachers just let to happen and try kind of ignore them so to speak. I like the classes that are offered, maybe a little more classes would help out.
Huntsville ISD is very interesting because it contains both ends of the spectrum education-wise. For those that truly want a quality education, AP and Dual Credit courses are available to challenge and engage. Those teachers in those positions are there to help and guide the students into higher education.
I grew up through in this district. It was a lot of fun and i learned a lot about education and the city i lived in.
My experince at Huntsville High School was a decent one. I enjoyed my time attending this shchool, however there is a few problems in my opinion. I would like the school to focus more on the ammenities at the school, and the overall academic standarsds of the institution.
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