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I am not a fan of Huntsville City Schools. I believe that resources the district provides are not spread out across all the high schools in the district resulting in inequality. There are really only two schools in the district that have outstanding academics and resources that offers sports and many clubs and activities. The rest of the high schools struggle to get credited for their work and are shorted in terms of money and resources. I would like to see more diversity in the high schools as well as more college readiness and a focused importance on all sports. The only sports that get acknowledged year in and year out are basketball and football which makes it unfair to students who play other sports.
It's a great school system, but needs to focus more on college prep. More focus on taking AP classes, ACT/SAT prep classes, and better college advising. More information about scholarships is needed. There also needs to be more information on FAFSA and how to apply for them.
Huntsville City Schools isn’t a terrible school system but they Should work on making the school system better and changing the way they do things
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I feel like their needs to be more integration. Their needs to be better teachers who aren't scared and won't cry because of mean kids. Too many teachers show their weakness and get ran all over. The food is horrible too, definitely needs an upgrade. But other than this stuff it's pretty alright.
Oakwood University, a 7th day Adventist school very open, calm, and loving. My first day on the campus was life changing. I went from living in the desert to living on a very open, green campus. It is a place where you can not only continue your education but you can also build a better relationship with Christ. He will allow you to open your eyes, mind and your heart.He will allow you to see things that you never imagined of seeing or even thinking about
I went to Columbia High School, Huntsville High School, and Faith Covenant Christian Academy. I liked that these schools helped prepare me for the real world. I met a lot of great people and I learned many knew skills within Huntsville City Schools. In my honest opinion though, I would say that Faith Covenant helped me the most. However, I would like to see change in the following areas: the food, the way the curriculum is taught, their form of discipline, the attitudes of the staff/teachers, and their electives. I honestly felt as though my learning experience was rushed, most of my teachers verbally stated that they didn’t care if we learned or not, my disruptive peers were literally never disciplined or removed from the classrooms, and I actually was forced to take two of the same classes two years in a row even though I passed them simply because they didn’t have a slot available for me in any other elective classes.
I am a student of Huntsville City Schools and have been for the past 7 years. I have seen school board directors come and go, and have not seen any improvements. The change to laptops instead of textbooks seemed to be a smart move, but I still have so many binders and books to carry that my backpack often cannot close. Most teachers don't use the laptops because they don't have all of our books and things on them, or they aren't familiar with the programs, yet I still have to lug my laptop with me everyday. Glad that this is my last year.
Over the past four years I have been at Huntsville High, I can say I have learned a lot. But there were times when I had awful teachers who would not teach or could not teach properly. A good teacher makes a big difference in a student's education. I recommend HCS to improve their method of choosing excellent teachers for the right position and I guarantee they'll receive better results from students.
My school experience with Huntsville City School is overall average in academics, sports, and teachers. The breakfast and lunch food is nothing to brag about. The clubs could better if there was better students involvement. So again my experience is average.
I would like to see passionate teachers who care about their students understanding of the material, and not just their ability to memorize information from a textbook short term
The teachers don't care, and they don't teach. The kids have control over this school system, not the administration.
I love the brand new school buildings and all of the activities we have to choose from. I wish that the discipline policies were carried out in order to "weed out" the students that are constantly disrupting others.
Many times, the students that are causing the biggest problems are just given a "slap on the wrist" and then sent right back to class. The teachers need to be supported more than they are actually being supported.
This school system strives to excel students, however, they fail to provide easy access to assistance for those who may fall behind. The curriculum seems very subjective, meaning that if one learns differently, there are no other tactics to use if it is out of alignment with the common core guidelines. The quality of the resources given is excellent and abundant, but it would be a better experience if the students knew how to utilize them correctly. This is a good school system, but only for students who are able to understand fast-paced and monotone teaching methods.
Huntsville City Schools has gone through many changes in the past four years. They have the Freshmen Academy, and it is very helpful starting your high school career. Sophomore year was tougher because of a certain lawsuit that allowed others into the district that were diverse. It allowed my character to grow, and I am a better person because of it. Junior and Senior year were the best years as teachers and administration are helpful and intuitive. Overall, Huntsville City Schools has allowed me to be a better version of myself and see all sides of life in one school.
The best part of my experience with Huntsville City Schools was involvement in athletic programs. I was a member of the cross country team at Huntsville High, and it really blossomed into a competitive team by my senior year. However, the academics were not as up to par as
Great school system! I have learned a lot throughout the many years of going to this school system! Thanks for being awesome!
I loved the staff and administration. They were friendly and were willing to help you in any possible way that they could regardless of what it was that you were asking for.
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The education is great but the quality of schools can be questionable, even if they are young facilities
I love the school because they teach and learned everything that I don't know or what I know they also help me pick a college that can help me likyin the medical field
Huntsville City Schools has good facilities, good teachers, and prepares students for college. Discipline is not as tight as it should be, as teachers are afraid to write up students for infractions.
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