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Huntington Union Free School District Reviews

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Huntington School District is an amazing district with something to offer every student. They have an award winning marching band, dance team, and art department. If you are interested in sports the school has the usual football, soccer, basketball, but also has a fencing and crew team. The academics are on par with all the surrounding districts and offers many AP courses.
As my senior year goes on, and I look back on my last four years of school at Huntington, I cant help but think of all the found memories I have made while a student here. from my time in the marching band, to being the senior student government president, to my time spent on the Varsity Fencing Team, I can only look back and feel grateful. I am grateful for all the teachers and councilors at Huntington who believed in me and showed me that they believed in me, even during times when I did not believe in myself.
Huntington is a great place for academics, athlectics, and the arts. I loved all my years in the district.
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wonderful learing environment! Huntington has one of the best support staff, they will push for success and make great inpact on students lives.
J taylor finley middle school is a terrible place that needs to have laser focus from the administraion from now on.
The school district, consisting of several lower level schools and the high school, is a valuable tool in the lives of the many students that attend the district.
I really enjoy going to school in Huntington High School. The teachers are so helpful and nice. In this school we are all family. I love all the diversity and different cultures we get to learn. I will really miss the whole vibe and going to school when I graduate. Class of 2019
Well for start off elementary school is where you build small friendships but once you’re in 5th grade you’ll build even more relationships since transitioning from elementary to intermediate school you’ll be in a building with all the kids in your district which is an awesome experience because you’ll get to know everyone from 5th grade all the way to your senior year in high school . Also this district brings in a lot of fun events and especially relay for life which is a memorable experience for everyone who joins . The teachers on the other hand are good and cares to make sure we achieve our best in our academics . Also our athletic field has a pretty good reputation and pretty good coaches
The diversity in this school is unmatched to other standing out in communities on Long Island. Every teacher is superb and really cares about their students and want them to succeed. Student life is great with many clubs to get involved and caring students who do not bully each other. Our sports teams fight hard and do well but get chipped of championships.
Very good academically and a wide range of classes. Good extracurricular activities. Amazing guidance for college
I am floored by the number and variety of educational opportunities available in this district. STEM school, dual-language immersion programs, music and arts, a ton of AP classes... and the caliber of teacher and administration is superb.
Huntington’s excelllent teachers and wide array of course selections make it a terrific environment for high student achievement. The Diversity in all aspects of the student body make the district an exciting place to grow up into a well rounded and effective young adult.
Enjoyed availibility of higher level courses in a variety of subjects. Large amount of clubs and programs to take part in from middle school to high school. Some very good teachers. Would enjoy seeing more autonomy for students.
This school made me feel welcomed like I have been there for my four years of high school. The teachers are very good. They make learning very easy and interesting. Also they get you ready for college which is what’s most important after high school. Best of all the teachers, students, and staff are very friendly people, they answers every question I had for them. The College office is a very important place of the school, where students learn more and more about the colleges they want to go to. For me it’s been a big help to come to that school even though I was a little worried about the new school. At he end everything worked out fine and I’ve made it half way with no problem.
Huntington school district offers an excellent education with plenty of opportunities. The students are diverse and are exposed to real world life experiences. Students are well prepared for whoever graduation takes them,
Huntington High School was a place where no one person could walk the halls alone and not say hi to someone they knew. Regardless of the average high school drama, Huntington was a home, to say the least. Being part of the athletics there my entire middle school and high school career, the coaches were always so passionate and caring for their athletes. That in itself made me love to participate in sports. Huntington High School is a great place to learn to be culturally diverse and to be taught well by the teachers.
The schools do not know how to handle bullying, kids that are exceptional bright, or thefts by students. The middle school is the worst - the principal does minimum to handle situations, and the vice principal is there to look tough and bully the kids but does not much else. Administration is aware of problems such as gangs, drugs, kids stealing, and selling good to other students, but is not effective in curbing the problem. Zero tolerance policy is not here - they treat kids with kid gloves, even the ones that cause troubles. If any, the offended is told to deal with it and get help in dealing with it.
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my child has been bullied by other children starting in kindergarten, mr small of flower hill, looks the other way and never does anything productive to ensure my child's safety
This high school has been a second home for me during these past four years. Not only is the staff great at the subjects they teach, but the school has such a sense of community and support for everyone in the town that I just feel so appreciated each day I'm at school. I know that a lot of people gush about how great their school is, but at Huntington High School the time we spend is on more than just getting good grades, it's about creating relationships with people that can endure the test of time once we all go our separate ways to college.
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