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Huntington County Community School Corporation Reviews

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I like that I feel safe during school hours and the staff is often friendly. Though sometimes I feel that some teachers are here for the paycheck, but there are some excellent teachers that you can tell that they care for their students. Furthermore, there is not a lot of diversity, but it has gotten more diverse throughout the years. Sports wise, most of the coaches care for their players and really but forth effort into making their team the best that it can be. At sports events the community comes out and supports the team and that can be really encouraging.
HCCSC has provided me with the tools to be successful in college and for my future. I have only had positive experiences with the staff and administration. The corporation also does a great job with encouraging good habits like volunteering, anti-bullying, etc.
When planning for my senior year, I had enough credits to only go to school half days, however the school would rather require me to take classes I had no interest in and worry about more work to do when I didn't need to. I would like to see it available more for other students.
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I enjoy how this corporation applies only the best teachers who are ready and willing to come to school everyday and teach. I have not had one bad experience with a teacher and am so glad that I was able to feel at home in each one of the schools I went to. I never felt unsafe or like my education did not matter and I highly recommend this school corporation to anyone who wants their children in a great learning environment with loads of support.
Staff is good at what they do, but the classes lacked to prepare for college. I personally didn't feel ready for college at all after I graduated. No real life skills are taught.
My experience with HCCSC has been pretty positive. The teachers and staff have helped tremendously with this experience because they're always willing to help and better your understanding of a subject. There are many different extracurricular activities and clubs for students to join, so there's really no reason for a student to not feel like they're a part of a school team. My overall experience with HNHS has been great and I would recommend anyone to attend this school. Go Vikes!
Most of the teachers I have had during my many years of learning have been influential and made a lasting impact on my life. I feel that this school corporation does a great job at hiring teachers that are wanting to make education fun and long lasting. In this corporation there are several elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and one high school that seems overly populated at times, so I think it would be beneficial to construct another high school in the future. I understand that there are certain costs and limited land for that, but in my mind I think that an additional high school would help the community in the long run.
Overall, in my total of thirteen years in Huntington Community School Corporation, I have been sufficiently pleased. However, there are many things they could improve for future generations and classes of students. One thing, is a focus more on the arts and less on sports. Those who excel in arts and academics are not necessarily appreciated in the corporation.
My experience with this school is that for the area and how over crowded it was, it was a very well ran. The teachers and the staff are excellent and genuinely want to help kids graduate.
They have done a great job with my kids education. My daughter is graduating this year and my son is a sophomore. I believe they will have ample opportunity in the workplace.
Huntington County Community School Corporation is a great school corporation the teachers and staff are awesome. They are helpful when ever you need it. The school is not very diverse, but that is up to you if that matters or not. The school food is not great, but everything else about the schools and corporation is great.
Huntington is small enough that getting a close relationship to teachers is easy and I enjoy that endlessly. However, one thing I do not enjoy is that the town has nothing to do to keep kids out of trouble and I think we should expand the community to teens as well as elders.
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