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Huntington Beach Union High School District Reviews

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It is very easy to transfer between schools. However, the district should provide more resources to all the schools' programs, especially the ones that are poorer and are facing financial difficulties.
Is full of racists including students and teachers for the most part. The kids there are always doing drugs in the bathrooms. It is a nice campus.
The people here are annoying and the teachers are only in it for the money. Would recommend going to school elsewhere. While this district will give you the education you need to move on to college, you will most likely find a different area more fulfilling than this.
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The district is pretty good, it offers a decent amount of opportunities, and many people that have gone to schools in the district are well-off.
I highly enjoy the atmosphere that HBUHSD creates: challenging but not stressful enough to make it impossible. There is much diversity here and I'd like to say that bullying is at a minimal compared to other school districts. However, something that I'd really love to see happen here is build enough infrastructure such as solar panels in order to make this school district more eco-friendly
I enjoyed my time at school there. However the administration was authoritarian and money grubbing: when they began to profit off of sending people to Saturday detention, it was suddenly a full house every Saturday. They also forced you to eat horrible food that they served; if you tried to vote on food with your dollar, they'd send you to Saturday school. Despite this, having been in the art department for all four years I enjoyed my time there.
I have had great experience while attending schools in Huntington Beach Union High School District. I got to study things I like,partucipate activities I love, and be who I am. People in school are nice, and always take care of each other, even though they do not know each other, because they consider themselves a family. The staff is great, they always wants the best for their students
Marina High is a welcoming environment with an emphasis of students to achieve there goals. It’s culturally diverse , sports minded, and great clubs to join. Teacher want all kids to teach for the stars and strive in a healthy environment
The Huntington Beach Union High School District is the top line. All though it isn't the greatest in the entire universe... it definitely is up there. Specifically, Huntington Beach High School is marvelous. The people, teachers, clubs, extracurricular activities, spirit, and much more are amazing. Similar to my story being new to high school and being separated from my friends, it was a huge shock to me how easy it was for me to make new friends. When it comes to the teachers they will take their time to make sure you succeed. There even is a college preparation class at the school preparing kids for their future.
The location of the schools in our area are nice and also close to many places to eat. Also it is close to the beach and the weather is nice.
Its such a diverse and a very interactive school with peers and teachers,such a great school to attend.
I enjoy being apart of the Huntington Beach Union High School, they are very resourceful. I am currently going to Westminster High School. Although this school isn't perfect I am glad to be apart of their school. Two extra curriculums I am involved is AVID and FFA. Avid has helped me and prepared me since my freshman year in how to apply to colleges and what resources I would need to prepare myself for college. FFA has helped me gain a better expereince with my future carrer. For isntance, I would like to be a veternairain for my future carrer. With FFA I am able to connect with animals and learn how to work with them. I am currently taking animal scienve, and it gives me a better pperseptive upon the carrer I would like to seek in one day.
It’s a pretty good district in my opinion. My school has good lunches and resources for its students to use. School activities are fun, and there’s really nothing that bad about it.
Most of the teachers were very well educated and helpful. It made learning a lot easier when I knew my teachers were there to help me and provide extra help if needed. I also thought my high school layout was very nice, with the campus being spread out and a big hill with trees in the quad area. The overall aesthetic of my high school was very pretty. I also enjoyed how nice the APA program was at my school. I enjoyed how the arts were considered important.
The school district is great, however, there are some schools in that district that follow the traditional schedule, rather than block schedule like other high schools in that district. Students should also have a say in whether or not the school should change the schedule from traditional to block because the students are also going to be experiencing the schedule.
I love being a part of this district because of the various opportunities available. For example, I aspire to be a performer, and through the district, I am able to be apart of the Academy for Performing Arts located at Huntington High while still attending a school other than Huntington because of where I live.
I would have preferred to take biology as a freshman instead of a sophomore. I also want more helpful guidance counselors.
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There is substantial diversity in the Huntington Beach Union High School District, although the stark contrast can be seen with the schools which are more predominantly white and other schools which have more nonwhite students.
I really liked how involved they were in my education. They always took the time to get to know their students and improve their faculty and staff. I would see members from the district frequently visit my high school to observe the teachers and make sure they were providing the best and highest quality education for their students.
I have enjoyed my experience in the Huntington Beach Union High School District. The academics and the extracurriculars are truly outstanding.
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