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Huntingdon Area School District appears to deserve the "average" rating for a school until a closer look is taken. The teachers really care about the students and small class sizes allow for a personal connection between students and teachers. With above average music and athletic programs for the area, students have the ability to thrive even in a small town setting.
I like all the teachers at the Middle School. I hope we get keyboards for our iPads and get a typing class.
Huntingdon Area School District is a good small rural school district in Huntingdon County Pennsylvania. It is heavily involved in its small closenit community. It offers a somewhat variety of classes. It also offers opportunities for its student to take AP classes and college classes at the local colleges.
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I loved the size of the school and the teachers there. However, the grading system is unfair in ways. I’ve heard that much of the curriculum has changed since I’ve left and not for the best. I loved my time in high school and I wish they would keep things the way they were.
The school district cares more about paying for charter buses for the football team, then for uniforms and supplies for choirs, marching bands, etc. I know that the art teacher in the High School has spent loads of her personal money on art supplies, because the limit that the district gives her is not near enough for the projects that she needs to do with her students. If your student is involved with sports, then this is the place for you! If your student is even slightly different from their peers, look elsewhere before sending them to this school. There are several teachers, aids,etc., who have continuously shown that they are not fit to be in a school, to be teaching, to be around children, and yet the district favors them as teachers.
Great for someone wanting a small town with still stuff to do. You can have personalized learning while being able to be part of something big.
Huntingdon Area High School had lots of opportunities for students to take courses that were specific to their interests. Including foreign languages, Med classes, drafting, and many more. They also have a program that allows students to go to a local technical school (HCCTC) to gain skills for life and work.
Most schools in Huntingdon county have some areas that can be improved on regarding getting students college ready. Huntingdon does have a "college advisor" through AmeriCorps which is a nice addition to assist parents and students in preparing for college, however, since there is only one, she is difficult to get in touch with at times. The community of Huntingdon does come together and support school activities and interests. We are lucky to have Juniata College in our backyard and to have their cooperation in coordinating efforts to get high school students college ready by offering discounted entry level courses to high school students. All in all, Huntingdon Area School District even though it's rural and small, is a nice communal environment that does what it can to get students college ready!
I loved that the majority of teachers are very easy to work with. My only issue being a student in the district is with the lack of available technology and guidance for my future outside of high school.
The atmosphere in this school is amazing. The freedoms you have and he friendly the staff arebis unmatched!
Huntingdon Area School District has grown immensely through my four years there. There is much more student and teacher involvement, through which students are able to email and reach out to teachers more often than before for assignments and understatement through online lectures because of Google as well as Gmail. Technology has grown, from where students have more updated laptops and iPads, giving everyone the opportunity to expand their knowledge. School Spirit has grown, as everyone is involved. School Spirit helps our teammates as well as the individuals who are not involved in sports, from where it boosts their confidence and helps them perform better in school as well as outside of school. Huntingdon Area School District has also adapted Positive School Wide, where rewards are given for students good behavior and involvement in the school. Through this, there has been less behavior problems in the school than there was before Positive School Wide was adapted.
The music program is awesome, from Marching Band to Concert Band, Choir and Belles and Beaus. The administration cares more about the actual test scores than the overall academic accomplishments of the students. Students are not recognised for their hard work the way they should be.
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