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Humphreys County School District Reviews

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It Was “Ok” That’s All I Can Say. It Wasn’t A Very Good School But I Made It Though. Teachers There Graded You By How You After And Not The Work. Too Many Fights Was Going On I Couldn’t Just Learn Sometimes Cause People In The Class Didn’t Want To Learn So They Did Things To Make The Teacher Mad
During my time at Humphreys County High School, I have crossed paths with some amazing people. The teachers here are energetic, helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you understand the lesson at hand. They are individuals who want to see each of their students succeed in life. Humphreys County School District is small, but it has a way to make you feel at home no matter where you are from.
The school district is overall an average district but mostly everyone is a fryer the money. The teachers mostly don't care for the students except for the old ones. The children mostly do is fight almost every day and thet talk back.
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Humphrey County makes you feel Welcomed and comfortable. I didn't like the cafeteria food and the fact that tfa teachers quitted last year.
My 3 in a half years at HCHS have been a fun and difficult experience. It's a okay school but could be better if they really engaged the children to learn . They are sometimes unorganized. The food isn't all that and should be better. They're okay in sports. They're okay in academics. It's not enough school spirit the school seems plain.
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