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Humboldt Unified School District Reviews

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I attended this school district for most of my childhood education, and I remember it being a relatively joyful experience. I had teacher who cared about me and my desire to learn, and I generally got along with my fellow students and peers. We often participated in extra-curricular activities that provided incentive to work hard and maintain a high moral in regards to continuing our education.
The schools in Prescott Valley are great schools. I feel completely ready for college. I know they had A ratings in our area.
I liked how no matter what grade I was in the school always tried to give me the best opportunity to succeed. I believe that it would benefit the school district and the student if the schools and teachers were actually there for the students and not just to teach. Students should be able to confide in their teachers and schools.
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Overall great school, the main complaint I have was the lack of resources available to many students, but the academics are stellar, as well as the college preparatory aspect.
Had more good parts than bad. However, my past few years of high school seem to be a constant battle of ignorant administration who seem to constantly and accidentally mess up or enter things incorrectly, but struggle to admit when they did something wrong. The school seems to have an aneurysm when a girl wears leggings, yet some people get away with a lot worse. However, I loved my elementary and middle school years, only had a bad egg teacher every once in a while.
I liked the teachers. They care about you passing and try to help. They need to improve a High School bathroom stalls.
i really liked the teachers and the way they respect their teaching environment. The main goal of all the staff is to get the kids to college whichever way they can.
The teachers and staff were amazing and got me to where I am today. I felt like the school needed more money because the buildings were very outdated and had problems often during bad weather.
I have been a student in the Humbolt Unified School District thirteen years excluding one semester in middle school when I had moved towns. I have never had any personal problems or complaints towards the district even after I became more involved and concerned about my education, which was when I entered Bradshaw Mountain High School. One detail that has stayed constant all throughout my years as a student in the HUSD, is the amount of care and effort both, teachers and counselors in the district give to their students. The amount of determination to see students do well in their educational lives is truly motivating and touching.
Humboldt unified school district is a great. They have some amazing schools and administration. The teachers push the students to do their best and chive their goal. I would not change a thing to this district.
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