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Humboldt County School District Reviews

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The teachers are always friendly. Administration is great. The food could be better. There could be more classes or clubs. The location is great. The courses prepare you for college. There could be more people to get you involved in college preparations. The overall school is pretty good though and I love attending.
I really love working here but sometimes when I'm in a specific surrounding here it feels like there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians if u know what I mean. Now as a parent well what can I say but that I think the faculty at junior high needs to step up there game on being really and when I say really I mean really involved in payin attention to what's going on with bullying/hazzing or whatever u want to call it. instead of drowning out the noise and overlooking it because u choose not to get in the middle or deal with it; take time to help these kids now a days with it. Because watching a buetiful, kindhearted, talented, motivated, outspoken girl with the greatest smile and who made friends with anybody and everybody . Turn into broken hearted, spirit broken, lost, quiet, girl with no smile and is extremely shy and very wery to make friends so keeps to her self; just tares me apart.
My experience at Lowry High School has been a wonderful experience. I have been here all four years and have not run into a massive problem. Overall, it is a decent high school for students to attend. There are many great teachers and activities.
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Considering Nevada doesn't score very high when graded on academics, Humboldt County School District isn't exactly the best there is. Although is provided me with an education that I will definitely use, I feel like it didn't provide me with the best education. Many teachers were uncooperative, they don't seem to push their students, and many are just not understanding. The faculty preached about putting an end to bullying, yet when multiple students committed suicide, hardly anyone knew. It's a county run by last names.
The school district seems very sporadic in its graduation requirements. The class of 2016 had to pass proficiency. My class (2017) had to take but not pass the ACT. Every few years the requirement changes, sometimes leaving a class with no true requirement. The parking lot lines are all faded and everyone park horribly. It is a hazard. Someone is going to get hurt or a car is going to get crashed into, plus there is less parking spots because many people park poorly due to the lack of lines.
The Humboldt County School District is not the best in the US education wise but it is the best to make memories. Most everyone is extremely nice and the teachers are more than happy to help anyone in need. Out of the districts and schools that I've been to, Lowry has possibly the best character developed students than every school combined.
This School focuses on athletics and head turning over all other. Kids are openly bullying others in the hall while teachers join in. Kids openly make out in the halls while teachers turn a blind eye. When kids are being bullied and ask for help they are turned away because administration is too busy to be bothered.
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