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In Humble ISD, there are several schools where the majority is just one race, however, Quest Early College High School is very diverse with several different cultures. Quest is the only reason Humble ISD is great. It makes you college ready, has great teachers, and overall is a good school.
I have really benefited from the diversity of the classes that I have been able to take. Being able to take AP and dual credit classes has helped me get ahead in my future college career. Also, being able to take classes that are in the line of career that I am interested in has been me tremendously in my decision making for my college goals.
Humble Independent School District is falling behind on the times. They refuse to adapt with technology and henceforth limited my learning experience.
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Lived here all my life. Its great and rarely talked about in a negative way because of how great it is. People move here in droves because of its greatness. Though, if i have to say, that caused a little bit of a problem there.
Well for still being a senior in high school my experience was overall a great one. The friends you make while there, the bond you build with teachers, and how faculty really do try their best for the most part to push you. One thing I would like to seen change would be funding and what effort gets put into certain sport, clubs, and organizations.
I love my school district so much, and I especially love my high school in specific the most! The amount of diversity at Summer Creek High School is so rare, and our principal, Brent McDonald, is so involved in everything. He goes to all of the events at school and supports all of the teams. I couldn't have asked for a better high school experience. We were also given the opportunity to share our school with King wood High School due to Harvey, and all of the students handled it so well. Bulldog for life!
After Harvey and the tragic flooding of kingwood high school, Humble ISD managed to provide every kingwood student equal opportunity to learn by creating an efficient schedule to enable both Kingwood and Summercreek high school to share a school without interfering with the educational processes of either student body.
I went to schools through Humble ISD my whole life and it was great. I stayed with the same friends and because my siblings also went to my schools before me I had many of their teachers. I learned a lot in not only a school aspect but also a social aspect.
As I have gone through middle school and high school, Humble ISD has brought me laughter, tears, and memories that will never be forgotten. Because of the amazing teachers, great students, and fantastic staff members. I am able to say that I am as ready as I am going to be for college. They have not just prepared me physically, but mentally to where I can persevere through any circumstance. One thing I would change about Humble ISD is to remind the high school seniors that everyone is watching you. Whether in or out of school, the seniors must be the leaders of the school and continue to carry on the tradition.
Both student and parent involvement has been amazing from the passed years I've been in HISD.I would like to see change in preparing students in the future.
The schools that I have gone to in the Humble School Disrtict have been numerous and memorable experiences in my life. I have met such amazing peers in my classes, as well as teachers, who have made me into the person I am today. Even after I have graduated, I still visit some of my past teachers for how wonderfully they taught me and my peers.
I move to Texas about a year ago. The process of applying at my local High school was very straightforward. Throughout all the difficulties we have suffered, like Harvey, they have done a good job and communicated very well with the parents.
I like Humble Independent School District. It provides me a great school with great teachers. I am surrounded in a healthy, safe environment. I feel movitvated and focused to succeed academically and in my areas of interest. The teachers are supportive, and I have gained many great friendships through academic learning. I feel prepared for college. All the sports are great, and my school is always ready to cheer everyone on. All our facilities are great as well. My school has two nice gyms. We also have a nice library where we can check out books and go to print whatever we need. There are also flex labs where students can use the computers. I also like the areas with tables where students can work on homework before and after school. I love that teachers have tutoring before and after school as well. If I have any questions or need extra help, the teachers are always there. Overall, I am very pleased with my school district.
I really liked it!! There could be some improvements with bullying and problems in the middle schools. Also, with all the kids who got into fights!
Humble Independent School District was the first public school district I attended, and it wasn't till my sophomore year of high school. I loved how involved the district is with their schools, they always made sure we were safe and having a good time. Atascocita High school was the high school I attended and it was amazing how diverse it was, and how much school spirit everyone had. I wouldn't have wanted to graduate from any other school. If I were to see one thing change it would probably be the amount of time we have to get to and from classes, it was easy for me senior year because most of my classes were on the same side of the school but the hallways get so packed its hard to get to class on time for some students. Instead of the school district adding five extra minutes to the last period of the day they should add it to the passing periods.
Humble isd has terrific teachers. They are amazing. All my high grades are because a teacher stayed after school or helped me some way form or fashion.
The things I would want to change is the food. They say the food is the healthiest thing. But it’s not good or healthy. One more thing, the facilities, most of the water is warm and doesn’t taste good. And most of the fausetes in the bathroom don’t work very well at all.

Thank you for listening.
The Humble Independent School District was always very interactive with the student body and teachers. They always had our best interest when making decisions on how to go about our education and safety. They were very open to the students opinions and always included us.
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Great band program and teachers!! Rachel really enjoyed her 4 years at Kingwood Park High School with great teachers and administrators!
I have attended two schools in this district: Atascocita high and Riverwood middle, so I have seen what Humble isd is in both Atascocita and Kingwood. The teachers are okay however the workload is terrible! Both In middle school and high school I was given at least 3 hours of homework on my best days. The high school feels like a prison because lunch is only 20 minutes and the lunch lines take about ten minutes to get through. Atascocita high has 3-4,000 students so teachers loose patience here easily (I can’t blame them). Dress codes are not an issue, although tardies are very easy to get because the school is massive. I have not had a good experience at all, I expected a community of people to grow with, not a 9-5 job!
Being a part of Humble ISD for thirteen years have caused a great impact on me. The teaching methods and the teachers that I had greatly impacted my future. I would not change my experience that I had at my previous schools because it made me who I am today.
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