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Hudsonville Public School District Reviews

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Excellent school district. Very safe schools and neighborhoods. Would very highly recommend to anyone considering sending their children to Hudsonville.
First and last days of pre-college schooling have and will be completed at Hudsonville. I've enjoyed every minute of it. When comparing to others schools in the area it is clear that I got the luck of the draw when my parents decided to move here a year before I was in kindergarden. The overall schooling experience has been nothing short of excellent.
Hudsonville was a great place to go to school. I have made many friends and connected with many staff and faculty members during my four years at Hudsonville. I always felt welcomed and was happy.
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I graduated in 2006 but had a good experience. The schools were good and they had a decent athletic program. The school system continued to grow and add more buildings and continued to improve things throughout the district.
I loved how invested the teachers were that taught the classes. However I was really disappointed with the lunch system and how expensive the food was. you are getting food you didn't like and yet paying five to seven dollars everyday for lunch.
I love Hudsonville High School. They have so many programs that offer endless opportunities to students. The staff at this school is amazing. The teachers are very helpful with communicating that they care deeply about their students. The only thing that needs change in this school is their diversity. Hudsonville High School is located in a very known Dutch community and there are very few other races around the area they attend this high school.
I really enjoyed my experience at Hudsonville Public Schools. The high school had excellent teachers who prepared us as students for college. Classes were good and I never felt that we were short on resources or educational supplies. The AP courses provided were very good and prepared me very well for college. The diversity of cornerstone was defiantly not a strong suit. Students consisted of largely a white demographic. This is not to say that diversity of opinions was lacking. Many students had differing views on the world and culture. I think it would be good if there was an even teaching in political views, because teachers tend to lean on the liberal side of things even with regards to economics.
I love the safety of the school, and the growing community. Hudsonville is a fast growing location. I love the big school yet small community feel. Teachers always connect wit their students and build relationships with us all.
I, overall, enjoy Hudsonville Public Schools. It is growing rapidly due to the good education, high test scores, and well known sport teams. They are constantly buying, building and expanding their school buildings to accommodate the incoming waves of new students and their families. They are always hiring new teachers and always training student teachers.
All of the teachers are there to help you, whenever I was down, there was always a reason to smile. The teachers are all willing to help you succeed.
I have been in Hudsonville public schools since I have been a freshman. I can say with a clear mind that Hudsonville public schools have prepared me for college. If you are looking for a school that is serious about its students this is the school for you.
I really enjoyed the connectedness and community that surrounded the school. Everyone feels connected and friendly. I would like to see more of a diverse population in the school district in the future.
I went there all four years and loved it, great atmosphere, loving people in a great community. Always had the best sports and facilities and helped prepare students for college well.
The district is fiscally responsible and is able to plan for the future. The staff are active in their community. I would like to see staff working with local colleges to make sure the curriculum is congruent.
The Hudsonville Public School School District has amazing teachers, an accepting student body, and teachers, principals, and staff that truly care about your academic success.
There wasn't much to do if you already knew what you wanted to do in college or for a career. They make you take a bunch of random general classes that I'll never use.
The Hudsonville Public School District is a safe learning environment for any and all types of students. The teaching program suits any student's academic learning needs and teachers go above and beyond to help out in and outside the classroom. The athletics here are astounding. Hudsonville’s football and basketball teams are excellent every year and other sports such as golf, tennis, lacrosse, and swim are also successful. There is an extremely strong sense of community at all of the elementary, middle, and high schools. Whether it is going to a varsity game or participating in extracurricular, there is always something students can take part in with pride as a Hudsonville Eagle.
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My experience at Hudsonville Public Schools was very poor. I was one of the only minorities at the school my entire grade school, middle school, and high school years, and the students, and the faculty made that very known to me and the other minorities. It is an amazing place to get a good education, but the people are very self-centered, and rude to other families and students. It's a judgemental district, full of arrogant, sheltered, people who have really never had to work hard for anything. I hope one day my children never have to face the challenges that I faced throughout my years at Hudsonville.
I had a great experience at hudsonville high school. I had amazing teachers who taught well and really cared about their students. The only thing I didn't like was advisory. The idea was good, but we really didn't end up doing much in it and so I think it was kind of a waste of time.
Great place to raise your kids, very good school system. Hudsonville is extremely Christian with a lot of churches, and that is a selling point for many people.
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