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Strong and academic school, motivated by teachers. Best part of the school district is the teachers and amount of AP courses that students can take, but lacks in diversity as a city.
I think that academically Hudson is a great place to be. There are tons of AP classes and clubs and the High School and Middle School just got redone. There are a plethora of opportunities and it is a good place to find yourself. Unfortunately, Hudson has essentially no diversity and popular people aren't all that nice. BUT finding your people is easy and there are plenty of nice people here. Teachers here usually are very caring. I've had quite a few teachers that I have felt very close to and got to know well. Although there are a few that obviously wish they could retire 25 years early.
Honestly as a student the faculty and education quality is amazing. I learned more than a normal school would ever teach about life skills.
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I've gone to school in the Hudson School District for all my years of schooling and not only have I made countless friends, but I've also had many opportunities and resources that enhance my learning experience.
I enjoyed Hudson. Most of the teachers showed an interest in your life and helped you work towards success. There were many extra curricular activities to get involved in and it helped me prepare for college. I was supported by many staff, that weren't necessarily my teachers.
I like the abundance of AP classes as well as the amazing teachers here. Unfortunately, the student body here can be unwelcoming to minorities and people unlike them. In terms of food we have a wonderful cafeteria. Also, we are about to finish a large-scale renovation which is looking absolutely phenomenal. There are a lot of clubs to choose from and plenty of athletic opportunities. It can be pretty crowded because we have over 1,500 students at the high school. The elementary schools are all really nice and welcoming. My biggest complaints overall are some of the unwelcoming and generally ignorant students as well as the horrid parking lot.
The Hudson School district is always growing. The high school was too small for the excess amount of attending students making it difficult at times to get to class. The art department was enjoyable. The biggest downside is that the school did not offer drama classes.
Hudson school district had been overcrowded for years. The middle school is the largest in the state and still seemed to small. Over the years the population of students has seemed to level out. But just this year the school is remodeling. Adding to high school remodeling other middle/elementary schools. They asked for way to much money in a referendum. Due mostly to an athletic stadium that didn’t seem to be necessary, but they try to keep up with and out due other local schools in the area. Although the district has slowed growth, residents of Hudson will be over paying for a school for many years to come.
Overall, my experience at Hudson High School has been very good. I have been able to connect with multiple teachers and staff members who are willing to help me with my studies. Staff and faculty are always approachable and willing to help me with any problems that I have. Additionally, the overall environment in the school is positive and progressive. However, the school lacks diversity. The surrounding city of Hudson is made up of predominantly white, Christian, conservative families. This has resulted in a educational community without much diversity. Even though my education is most important to me, I would have liked to be able to interact with peers from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
The teachers here at the Hudson high school are always trying to prepare you for the future. They care about you as a whole and always wish the best of you. I feel comfortable at my school and believe I have obtained an above average education.
It is a very good school district, and will be even better now with the high school additions. The academic quality is very good, and there is a very diverse range of possible AP classes and other high level classes. I wish there was a higher level of school spirit.
I loved being able to call myself a Hudson High alumni. It is a place I call home and the faculty is top notch. They always go out of there way to ensure learning and safety are above what is expected. I am grateful for my experience there and Hudson will always be apart of me wherever I go.
The teachers are rude and unhelpful, they very clearly have favorites and if you aren't one of them they will act snobby towards you. The entire school is under construction, the holes in the ceiling let in below zero coldness. It is also disturbing during classes and has caused gas leaks. The content of the classes is okay at best. Hated all four years here. Athletics receive more funding and attention than the actual classes.
Hudson district was okay. Not the best but not the worst, I had a better experience there than some of my other schools. The best part was the intollerance to bullies.
Its not the best school.... there was a gas leak yesterday before they evacuated us they moved us from one side to the other.....then evacuated us for a bit then we went back cos the fire cheif said it was safe but you could smell it. It was bad.. people got sick and passed out. The school district is lying to parents and media by telling them thats lies.
The teachers don't teach things evenly its very onesided. Some teachers have talked about politcal topics to students and their personal views. Not ok.
The food is ok but due to the laws it made it gross.... The staff is over worked. Theres not enough counselors. We are going to school in an active construction zone..... the school work is hard and confusing
At times I feel overwhelmed here and am unsure how to get help. Extracurriculars are fabulous and there are many things to be involved in. Overall I have enjoyed my years here.
Good school with good atmosphere, not all teachers are the best, but some are really cool. Lots of course options for every student and prepares students well for college.
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I rated college readiness a two because I feel that I was not at all prepared for college. They thought us how to format and write essays a certain way saying that this is how it will be done in college, but now my professors uses different formats than the ones I was taught. The administration at HHS was terrible. The office personal were awful to work with because you could tell they did not care about the kids. They were always rude and ignorant. The school lunches were inedible. I always brought my own lunch because the fake food made me nervous.
I have been very involved here at Hudson High school, I no longer have time to do other things (this is a good thing)!
I liked every thing about the school besides the school itself. It was over crowded and needed to be updated. It is now currently starting the updating process.
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