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Overall it’s good. The CTE wing has a lot to offer. Good selection of electives that allows you to take classes you have an interest in. College readiness could be improved. Focus more to understand material rather than just recite it!
We’ve had a very good experience with the teachers and faculty in the elementary school and middle school. The bullying and student culture needs a lot of work. The music program in Hudson is the main reason we stay.
I was raised in hudson and the hudson school systems. I love this town and all it has to offer. Everything from special education to the athleticism is wonderful. I love the involvement of the parents in every aspect
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The schools were not the best, but I personally got the best education from some of the best teachers in the state. They cared about what they did, and helped me pass all and every class I struggled with.
Attending schools in the Hudson school district was a blessing. The Hudson school district was and still is very different than other schools. In the typical school system, once kids start maturing there are specific cliques you visibly see form. Unlike most schools, the existence of cliques and bullying just was not a common sight to see. In my school district the teachers connect with the students, and take more initiative to help students achieve their goals. My experience in my districts system was everything I would want for my future children. The overall experience there was positive in every way, but of course like any and all school district there could be improvements. Hudson school district is a family friendly, wonderful atmosphere for all children who are looking to succeed in not only academic fields, but also it builds children's social skills and has outstanding community building programs to help your children succeed.
Hudson has a great music program which starts in the Elementary Schools. The district music director has been building the program for over 30 years. One of the best part of the High school band program is the Summer Band Camp in August in which Freshmen make 180 friends who will be looking out for them the first day of the new school year.
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