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I like the diversity within the studen body and faculty. I also like all of the choices you have for classes in high school.
I think that the Hudson Public Schools is a good school system to go through if your child wants a pretty normal high school experience, including all of the highs and the lows of it. The education portion is all right, you learn a lot there, but it's not overly competitive. The atmosphere is great for a child that just wants to go to school and have fun. At the high school there are pep rallies three times a year that are loads of fun, with the week leading up to it filled with school spirit and laughter. The teachers care a lot about the children there and overall I believe that it is a good school.
Teachers care, it's a good environment. There could be a lot more infrastructure for academic and extracurricular achievement.
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I graduated from Hudson High school in 2014 and I had the opportunity to take a variety of AP courses that helped prepare me for college. I was also involved in theatre and writing extracurriculars. The school is clean and modern and the teachers go above and beyond, even doing a flash mob for the students one Halloween. Hudson was an exceptional place to spend my high school years.
I went there from 3rd grade to graduation. I felt more than prepared to get into and succeed in college
If I could give the people working in admin it would be a zero. THAT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS. Only "high" up district level administrators. All others are top notch. I worked in the district. Ask Jodi why she left?? Where is the money being spent? Look at the relationship between the finance director and the Human resource director. Enough said.
I liked the programs that they had to offer at the high school, however their IEP plans could be a lot better.
I go to Hudson High. It's not terrible, but I'd appreciate air conditioning. Most of my teachers are genuinely interested in what they teach and accommodate well for students. Nachos are okay.
Hudson High School's guidance did not prepare me for college. Their high school schedule forced the students into hours and hours of homework each night. They stressed all of the students out and were very unhelpful. More parents need to be involved with the school district to make changes. The superintendent did not push for more special education moving forward.
I have really enjoyed my experience through my school system. Many of the teachers that I have had are well qualified and education enough to teach and help grow. I have always been a well focused student and have had success in most of my classes, even where I have struggled. I recommend this school system to others because I have learned so much successfully and safely.
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