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Hudson Independent School District Reviews

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This school is AMAZING! I have only been here since 6th grade and I couldn't wish for a better muddle school experience. But, I would change the dress code if I had a chance.
I like how ready I was for college classes and was given the ability to take some during high school. I also enjoyed how the school gave students the ability to do what they love whether it's competing in sports, joining academic clubs, or participating in music and art in elective classes and after school.
Hudson has been great for me I have exceeded and have a 4.7 GPA the top 10% of my class. The only thing I think they need to work harder on is the bullying.
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My experience was great other than one thing. They don't do anything about bullying. This is why I only gave them four stars. If they would do something about bullying, then to me this would be a great school district. Being a victim of bullying myself, i know how hard it is and it honestly is disappointing when the bully gets no discipline so they basically get away with what they're doing.
I liked the courses available to take throughout my high school career. The thing I liked most about Hudson was the ability to do dual credit classes my junior year and be able to excel in every class. I wouldn't have been able to do that without my teachers.
The rules are pretty strict and there is clear favoritism among the principals, but for the most part an enjoyable high school experience. I feel adequately equipped to go to college after going to school here for four years.
Hudson has given me a very good education and I truly appreciate that. I wish that they celebrated or provided more knowledge of what diversity is and other cultures.
I am thrilled to be a soon to be graduate of Hudson High School. This school embraces your dreams and helps you figure out how to chase them. I want to go into nursing. I'll be graduating with my phlebotomy certification and a medical assistant certification. I have experience in the field and enough knowledge to work in the profession while pursuing my degree. I'm blessed my school has given me these opportunities.
Hudson is very strong academically. The teacher are very nice, as well as, fun to work with. I do wish there was more concentration in the theatre and music programs.
HISD is a fantastic school that really values its students. They push you to do your best without seeming overbearing. The staff cares and helps create a community within the district.
Our children have attended HISD since Kindergarten, and our oldest is now a Junior. We have had a wonderful experience at HISD, and would not choose or recommend any other school in the area. Our parent involvement has been welcomed and encouraged, and administration has been responsive to concerns. The advanced coursework has been highly beneficial to my children, and the access to technology, hands-on learning, and opportunities to teach what they learn are wonderful. There are a variety of student involvement opportunities at all campuses, but most student groups and sports begin at the Junior High and High School level.
Hudson is a great school. All of the teachers and principals are so encouraging and support the students in everything we do. Everyone in Hudson is united and there to support each other. We recently had one of our Hudson students die and the whole school was sad about it. The principals provided a place for us to talk to the counselors about the death of the student if we needed it. The principals and teachers show their love for the students and the school in everything they do.
The Hudson School District is a wonderful place to get an education. The administration is dedicated to making sure every student is getting the best education and making sure the students needs are met. I hope my children will one day have the chance to have the great experience I had attending the Hudson School District.
Overall besides all the homework it truly is a good school, all the teachers and supervisors and principals really go above and beyond to help us succeed. They have multiple programs to help people start the career in the field they want to go in. For example they have a; LVN program, CNA program, Clinical program were students can watch and look at surgeries.
The school offers many opportunities if students are motivated enough to take them. I always found teachers supportive and resourceful.
My four years at Hudson High School have provided me with so many different experiences! There are so many opportunities academically, there are many clubs and organizations for the students, and the staff is wonderful! My teachers have always been very helpful and supportive, and I can tell that they want the best for me and for all their students. Though the work load was a bit heavy my first two or three years, I feel that all this work has helped prepare me for college, and I am very thankful for the impact Hudson has had on me.
Hudson High School is a well mannered and amazing school to attend. It has brought many people together to share and learn together as a small community. I will recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a place to call "home."
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Hudson is great academically and rated very highly in the state. The main problem is like all small schools, it's all about sports. It's who has the most money to contribute and that's the kids that get to play. It's never about who's the best player. I really wish it could be more fair in that area. A lot of good athletes have had dreams crushed and all the hard work for nothing due to the fact their parents don't have money!!! Really sad!
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