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Hudson Falls Central School District Reviews

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Hudson Falls Central School is an excellent school upon which you can further your education with resources and impeccable faculty members that are there to help you achieve your goals.
There are many extra curricular activities, which helps to include many students. There really isn’t much of an opportunity to stay after for help because there aren’t any late buses available. Some teachers don’t post hw and are very slow to post their grades on line.
All of the teachers care deeply about the students wellbeing and do their best to prepare them for post high school life. There are a lot of student though who just don’t care about if they pass or fail and tend to be very rude to the teachers. Most students are very accepting of people’s differences and have a “you do you” mind set. If there is drama/fights it is usually within a friend group. It is very easy to go from friend group to friend group without being judged. The facilities are very nice, especially the sports facilities are very well kept.
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I was never in the "in crowd" but had friends in different groups. The food was always great when Yolanda was in the kitchen. The sports were great. The kids worked hard to get on the team and the Jug game & football in general was always a big deal. The teachers (most) were there for the students. If you didn't understand they would stay after class. We always had fire drills and after 9/11 we had drills for gunmen coming in. So I believe safety for students was top priority. Overall it was highschool but I am happy I went to HF versus neighboring schools.
It's a large school with a tight nit community. They strive to produce students who are comfortable in their learning environment and are ready to take on their next step in life, whether it be going directly into the workforce or furthering their education.
The Hudson Falls Central School District is very helpful in many aspects. I have been attending these schools since I was in Kindergarten. Through the years you find out who goes along with the crowd and who goes their own way. The ones who go with the crowd usually say something along the lines of "Hudson Falls is poor" or "it's just a welfare school" or even "the teachers don't help you learn." The ones who go their own way understand that it isn't the school that is terrible because we have amazing administration and teachers, however it is how you perceive the district. Yes, we have problems within our district but, if you overlook the students who don't care about school and see the many that do, you will see that we actually are a very hard-working and dependable school.
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