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I know a lot of disappointed people who went here. All the kids are spoiled and only the popular kids seem to be included in things. In addition, the parents are TERRIBLE and think their kid is the best
The quality of the Hudson City School District is unmatched in the greater Cleveland area of Ohio's public schools. Excellent academics, teachers, extracurriculars, administrative staff, facilities, and resources create an environment that produces graduates prepared, inspired, and destined to succeed in life after high school.
I just graduated from Hudson high school a couple of months ago it was a really sad moment because this school means so much to me. It taught me a lot of stuff. First thing it helped me with is I gained a lot of knowledge that will help me in the future with college and everything, second thing it taught me how to respect people and help one another. Third thing it taught me is to never give up in anything in your life no matter how hard it is keep going until you reach your goal.
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Very Challenging School, That Fosters The Difficulties Of The Rigorous Courses Of AP. Not A Diverse Campus, And The Athletic Facilities Are Not As Desired, But The School Does Well With What It Has. Staff And Administration Are Very Helpful, And Most Importantly, The Food Is Decent.
Opportunity for ALL students to attend speaker sessions (ex. Holocaust survivor talk limited to 30-35 students in New Dimensions program (approx. 1500 students are enrolled at the High Schoo) and program held at the Middle School.
I love Hudson and am very blessed to have grown up here. I feel as if my experience at any other high school wouldn’t compare. I think this school district has truly prepared me for college and my further endeavors. The teachers and staff have been truly incredible (give or take a few exceptions). The problems for me here have been minimal and looking back I see that I’ve had a great high school experience.
The teachers are all amazing and really love teaching and the students. The environment with students is very unpredictable but what school is not.
Wonderful! I've loved the acidemic, social, and creative environment I've been immersed in! An amazing place to learn!
I think the only true problem with the school is the lunch food, and it all went bad after the "healthy" food push back when Obama was in office. Other than the the fact that it isn't very diverse is okay in my eyes because you should be trying to go for the school for education not for people who look like you.
Hudson Schools will not let you fail acidemicaly. There are hundreds of resources at the tips of your fingers wether it be our individual chrome books,the math/ writing labs, a resource teacher, our great media center or just one of the countless amazing teachers who stay and do everything they possibly can to help their students thrive in the class!
My overall experience with Hudson City Schools has been exceptional. I moved in January of my 1st grade year to Hudson, Ohio from the suburbs of Chicago. So, I missed out on the 12-year club by half of a school year. I am an active member in student government and often am involved in the planning of our school events. This experience has taught me plenty about the workload and effort that goes into running the events of a high school. Something I learned to appreciate about my school is the constant strive to improve and enhance the high school. Not only has Hudson High School looked to nearby school districts to implement new programs and get ideas, but the high school has also implement its own ideas by being the first school in the state to adopt and pilot programs, such as the Seal of Biliteracy test. Hudson High School looks to excel its students and allows them to transform into well-rounded individuals. I believe it's given me the skills I need to be college-ready.
I am very glad I went to Hudson. There are some good things and some bad things about it. It is a very rich community full of very smart kids. This is good because it encourages students to try hard and stay successful but it is bad because students may struggle in school and then feel stupid because there are so many smart kids. It is very challenging at Hudson but it well prepares for college. There are TONS of clubs, AP classes, and sports offered which is really awesome. The students in Hudson can be pretty mean and uptight sometimes but they are also very well mannered.
Being raised in Hudson my entire life, I didn't fully realize how good the school district was until leaving and hearing about other High Schools. The school has a variety of views and perspectives and has a wonderful, safe community. Caring teachers and high results, the school is good, though no school is perfect.
Many AP offerings, many sports and clubs. Very safe area. Large focus on academics almost to a fault with the high pressure on GPA.
I have gone to Hudson Schools for my entire life and it has been great. Almost every single teacher I have had has genuinely wanted to help their students succeed. The schools themselves are beautiful and conducive to a learning environment. There are so many options for AP courses, honors courses, and independent studies. The faculty, specifically guidance, bends over backwards to help students during the stress of the college application process.
I went to Hudson Schools K-12, and I wouldn't have wanted to call any other district my home. The competitive academic atmosphere constantly had me always wanting to do better. Hudson pushes their students just the right amount to prepare them for college and the real world. On top of great academics, Hudson also excels in nearly every sport, and offers and endless number of extra curricular activities that all students are encouraged to try. I would highly recommend Hudson to anyone that is moving to northeast Ohio!
Overall this system does prepare the students for college but neglects to prepare them for "real" life. This district exists in a "bubble" and once the children are released into colleges some find the adjustment unable to comprehend.
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Hudson has a fantastic schooling program and city. It has definitely prepared me for college; Hudson offers a wide range of challenging courses and has great teachers to help students along within them. I am also a student-athlete, and I 10/10 would recommend being involved in some sport or extracurricular activity. Hudson offers so much outside of classes you can get involved in and I absolutely love it. Every student can find a club they enjoy or team they love. We also have excellent music and art programs. My only complaint with Hudson lies more with the parents and the social aspect versus the school. The expectations that are put on the majority of students are so high. It leads to so much unnecessary stress and sometimes forces us to focus on the grade instead of learning, which is highly unfortunate.
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