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Hudson City School District Reviews

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Some facts/opinions:
Hudson High School has amazing diversity.
Some sports teams are better than others. Just make sure to join one like football or soccer.
The food is getting better.
There are several programs that students can become a part of in either their junior or senior year to either prepare them for college or employment following their interests.
Hudson also offers AP classes, and AP teachers are awesome at their jobs. Just make sure you buy a review book and start preparing when you need to.
Hudson is a safe school for the most part.
Hudson has an indoor pool and you can have a chance to be a lifeguard for parties in the summer, join swimming as a sport in the winter, or going swimming in the morning, which is a plus.
School starts at 8 am.
To be honest, this school sucks. The tachers in here like to do favoratism with kids they personally know. The kids arent less either. If you try to oppose something, they get really pissed off. Their diveristy rate is not even an equal balance. Teachers like to pass their time in class and not teach the material propertly to students. They like to compare each students capacities with others and demean them. Overall, this was my experience over the last 4 years.
I have lived in Hudson all my life. My parents wanted me to grow up in a multicultural community which Hudson is. I believe I have a better understanding of the world as a result. At the school, we have a wonderful robotics team that I have been lucky to be a part of throughout my high school career. I definitely have a good grasp of today’s engineering. One thing I would change is how some of the teachers do not teach or get involved with the students. I could have been even more prepared for the future if a few of my instructors were better. Overall, my experience at Hudson High School was just fine.
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Hudson is an average school with average courses. However the teachers are very wonderful at their jobs and are very willing to help students succeed.
It's overall diversity is amazing. They offer a wide variety of Honors and AP classes. As well as college classes. The staff truly wants to help you succeed. Classes need to be smaller to help increase students ability to learn.
I love that school because I went in 8th grade. I love the way they teach me because on the the teachers I learn English. And all everything about America. I came from a different country but I learned so quickly because of the good and best teachers.
I lived in Hudson, NY all my life and I learned a lot by just living here. Hudson High School helped me challenge myself by taking the most rigorous courses that the school had to offer. The diversity in the school is phenomenal and everyone is so kind to each other; it's like going to school with your brothers and sisters. The schools spirit is like no other. Everyone joins together during big sport events and the show off their school blue and gold colors.
The Hudson City School District offers a highly diverse atmosphere for its students. This diversity has raised student awareness to different cultures, which encourages students to become active leaders around their community. The teachers are enthusiastic and are constantly encouraging their students to do their very best. The teachers are available after school hours and provide the support necessary for students to excel in all academic areas. There is a colossal amount of extracurricular activities provided, but unfortunately the funding is limited. Currently the school district has been working vigorously to establish a track and field for the 2017-2018 school year. As a graduating senior of the class of 2018, I will miss the school very much as it has granted plentiful opportunities to grow as an individual.
At Hudson Senior High School the teachers were probably the best part for me, especially my chemistry teacher who supported me more than anyone in my life. He cared extremely about his work and students and it showed. There were some teachers who weren't, no school is perfect, but there were a lot of them who did care. The diversity was very grand too, a school I had gone to for two years between all the years I went to Hudson showed me how extremely diverse my school is and I appreciated it a lot.
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