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I did CCP full-time so I wasn't actually at the high school a lot. The few times I did go to the high school, they didn't really help me much. It's not the worst school I've been to but it's not the greatest. The left me to my own devices which I liked.
I graduate from high school, last year. I think Huber Heights has a great education program going on. when I attended, we recently built new schools. This was an amazing experience
Average school. Very diversified student class. Basically a safe school environment. Alot of attention is placed on athletics, especially in high school. Facilities are clean and well maintained and above average. All buildings are newer and air conditioned.
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Like most high schools it is really what you make of it. This can help as much as it can hurt one's experience. There are plenty of clubs and sports that one can get involved with. The diversity of the school is really good. Where my high school falls short is on the academic side. For me, I found that I was really the only one that was concerned about how I was doing, in school or otherwise. I decided to take almost all college classes my senior year, because the only thing they had was a lot of filler classes. I also had to be incredibly persistent to get in touch with my councilors.
Wayne is greatly diverse and allowed me to meet so many new people. However our three principles never stood up for students that needed help. Against bullies, or terrible teachers, most students had to get through it alone.
Huber Heights schools are not all that great. They have their pros but the flaws greatly out weigh them. The staff shows that the main focus is on sports, not academics. They do not have good curriculum which does not make it a good school for students who strive to learn new things and expand their knowledge. The schools are very diverse and you really feel like you are part of a family, but other than that, it is not a great school system.
My favorite thing about huber heights city schools is our diversity. We are a large school with many cultures that has a great atmosphere. I love that we are very competitive, the only thing I don't like is that we don't have a lot of school spirt and for a big school we should have so much more.
I️ have been in this district since preschool. My parents and grandparents. Aunts, and uncles graduated from here. It’s I️ have ever known and if works for me.
The teachers are committed to their students and their academic achievement and operate on a limited budget to accomplish those goals.
When I attended Huber Heights City Schools, many of the faculty members didn't want to be there and they would let you know that by saying things like, "If it wasn't for this check, I wouldn't be here." The teachers let the athletes do as they please, and pass them while the other students had to try their hardest to graduate. Your non-athlete students could write a paper, do everything asked in the directions, and was lucky to earn a C. An athlete could take that same person's paper and copy it, word for word, and earn a much better grade. To me, that doesn't seem fair at all because they aren't putting the effort into the papers and are getting A's handed to them. School was miserable for many of us because it was very unorganized and had very little "structure." My class started around 6-700 students and ended with 347 if that gives you any indication of anything. Needless to say, I am glad to be done with the district and best of luck to anyone who is still there!
Offered a variety of classes for different interests. The teachers were always there to ensure you succeeded. Students are able to take a variety of challenging courses, including college credit courses to better help their futures.
I was bullied a lot during my 8th grade year and my first year of high school. The staff did nothing about the school so I had to transfer. But I transferred back my junior year and had a better experience. I think the city puts more effort and money into the high school football team, though, than into any academic programs.
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