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Hubbard Exempted Village School District Reviews

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Hubbard has a lot to offer. It has a lot of sports teams and has a good educational program, even offering both Advanced Placement and College Credit Plus classes. Hubbard isn’t a big city to it’s not a huge school but it’s a very giving school and community.
overall I have had a pretty decent experience while being enrolled in Hubbard high school. I am currently a senior in high school but have been enrolled in Hubbard school district since I have been in kindergarten. The overall environment of Hubbard schools seems to be a lot more accepting and welcoming than other schools around me. The opportunities for advancement in education are very good here and they offer many different advanced and collegiate level classes.
Hubbard is great place to go to school tge teacher care about the safty of there students and a very good school buildings. The courses are just difficult enough to be engaged without to much strain. The friendships between teacher and student are good and the student body gets along great. The administration at HHS does there best to make everyone feel safe and to make school a fun and educational place
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I liked how ready making friends was and the overall band program, but if I were to change anything, it'd be the feeling the students get when they come to school and the opportunity to express myself in all my courses; not just in extracurricular activities.
My whole high school career, I felt welcome and accepted. The teachers were understanding about people's learning speeds, and took time out of their day to help students after school and even during their free periods. The only thing I'd like to see change is a few more rules to keep trouble makers in place
Students could take more advanced classes to get ahead academically. The school district partnered up with the state of Ohio and Youngstown State University to let students take college courses at Hubbard High School or on campus at no cost. I enjoyed my senior year because I took all college credit courses for free and got to experience what college was like on campus.
My experience with Hubbard Exempted Village is pretty good. Most of my teachers teach very well and don't over-complicate things, although there are a few exceptions. The class sizes are typically small which makes for a comfortable learning environment. The clubs are usually well organized and fun, but sometimes I feel certain clubs could be doing a little more to improve the overall experience. The lunches are horrible though, as their nutritional content is deplorable, so I pack my lunch. The guidance office offers good resources for ACT test prep and college information.
My experience at Hubbard school district was exceptional. There are many organizations clubs and activities to involve yourself with as well as Community organizations to help build your character while you help your neighbors. The teachers are open accessible friendly courteous and understanding. The curriculum is tough but fair and taught well. The environment of the school has always been comfortable relaxed and safe. I enjoyed my time there and would recommend it to anybody who has the opportunity to attend.
Hubbard school is in a suburb of Youngstown Ohio. The school offers many extracurriculars as well as honors classes and is now beginning to offer college credit classes that are not AP from the surrounding colleges.
Hubbard has a decent education system with some friendly staff. However, the lunch program definitely needs looked at.
I believe Hubbard schools are very good they provide many academic options for students to choose from on their educational paths. Some teachers are not the best at their classes but overall do well.
I am currently a senior attending Hubbard High School. Although it is a small town I have enjoyed my experience here. The only complaint I would have is that I feel as though the funding goes towards the wrong things, and importance is put on the wrong things sometimes. But overall I am receiving a good education and am very grateful for that.
I loved my time at Hubbard High! The teachers were incredible and a couple of them changed my life forever.
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