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Howell Township Public Schools Reviews

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I received an excellent education and was prepared for college and my future. There were excellent teachers and highly experienced in preparing students for their future.
I enrolled to Howell High School as a junior. While, the majority of the student body at Howell HS has two more years on me, I can only speak about my few experiences there. The people at this high school are beyond welcoming. I was so frightened to go to a new school because I am a very shy person. However, my scared persona quickly changed when I realized how nice the students are. Many of the kids my age were more than kind, and eager to help me around the school. I wouldn't change much about this school. Majority of the teachers there are very sweet, and helpful as well as the guidance counselors.
I absolutely love Howell High School. Howell has provided me with nothing but joy and happiness. Everyday I look forward to going to school. The teachers not only are excellent but come in everyday and lighten up my day. The entire environment is amazing and I'm truly lucky to be apart of it.
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I attended Howell High School in the Howell Township Public School District. It is probably one of the best high school experiences any student can get. The teachers are well educated and graduated from top four-year institutes. The atmosphere at the High School is very friendly and welcoming; people are mainly very open-minded. If I had to relive my high school years again and go through the dramatic weight changes and constant acne, I would definitely attend Howell High School than any other school. It was accepting and created a sense of security for all students. Teachers also demonstrated mentor like relations and always remained professional, yet friendly and guided.
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