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My experience at Howell Public Schools has been okay. I've found many teachers to be funny and likable but I've also found myself to often be bored in classes because the subjects being taught aren't challenging enough.
Howell public schools is a very big school. But all of the staff and factually try to keep it clean, and try to help each and one of there students
I recently graduated from Howell High School and after being in the district for twelve years, I am happy to say I had a very positive experience and feel ready for college. When there was any kind of problem in the school, the administrators always handled the situations properly and ensured happiness, comfort, and safety not only in the school but in the town. For parents looking to enroll their students at Howell Public Schools, you will not regret it.
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It’s alright. Could be a lot better. A lot of people who vape there in the bathrooms. It’s really annoying
My experience has been pretty positive at Howell High school, it’s a fairly large school, with about 2000 students. The faculty is very nice, they do their best to keep all of the students under control. I hope to see the diversity grow a little bit, and to see a little more acceptance of everyone’s beliefs and cultures. I’ll miss going there but I’m glad it’s where I shared my high school experience.
The teachers were very good at getting me ready for college, and the after school activities were very good.
I would like to see more diversity, more funding to the arts programs, and better college readiness.
I have attended Howell Public Schools all my life. I have never had a serious problem with anyone or anything within the school district. They really do try to prepare students for college and have some really great teachers.
Howell Public schools is located in a relatively wealthy area and they should put more money into their classrooms instead of paying more to the people in charge. Each class deserves more than they're getting and that's not right.
With the many things that Howell Public Schools has to offer, there can be many improvements done to help. Being just graduated from Howell high school and now in college, I have come to the conclusion that Howell High School has failed me on how to do basic things that college. For example, in my writing class, we have to write essays in APA format. I was in awe when I found this out because I was only taught MLA, which for years they said that was the only thing I would use in college. With some teachers that are STELLAR and some that lack in common skills of teaching a well-maintained, comprehensive class. Theres lots of room to do very well, you have to want it and strive for it. Howell schools also has lots of great things. Growing up in the HPS district, we had lots of family involvement through elementary school and even middle school. When I got to high school, I had the opportunities to be in clubs. Lots of great things and lots of things to work on!
I have had many opportunities to receive advanced education. They offer advanced math classes starting at sixth grade, and this has helped me be on track for AP classes starting junior year. They offer many AP classes which gives opportunities to kids who are good in different subjects to earn college credit. The facilities and school environment could be better.
I loved that they tried to involve everyone that was enrolled at Howell. I was involved in the leadership program through my junior and senior years. That class changed my whole outlook on how easy it is to help others.
Howell Public Schools provided an adequate education that prepared me for college. One of it's faults is the lack of diversity among the student population.
i came to howell public schools in the middle of ninth grade and the transition was not easy. The teachers and students were not welcoming at all and there was very little help with everything. I came from a place with a lot of diversity and, to say the least, diversity does not exist here.
I was able to pursue a well rounded education and it has helped me become accepted to all three of the colleges that i applied to. The staff really cares about their students and the principal of the high school Mr. Shrock is such a wonderful principal and he really supports the arts.
School for me was very difficult. The teachers were at most ok. However they all seemed to follow the popular groups. Sports we're help to a much higher appreciated area. Special needs services were severely lacking. Ended up switching to the alternative high school.
The high school has many different class options which is helpful. Many teachers love to teach and are excellent teachers.
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I would like to see the schools in the district be better funded, allowing more options for classes and work place preparation.
I would like to see better teachers who are able to speak to the students with clarity and availability to speak on the subject matter.
Many class options for every career path at the high school. Elementary schools can be very old. Lots of favoritism in this district though.
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