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Howe Independent School District Reviews

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Small town school. Small town atmosphere. I have enjoyed going to school here. Small town politics are an issue, but for the most part the school is good.
Howe ISD is an incredible school district in which to raise children. We moved to Howe before our kids were born, so they started in Kindergarten. Class size is 80-90 students. Parents know each other. Kids don't act up because there is no place to hide. Folks are friendly, atmosphere is peaceful and it feels like America in the 50's ... a little like Mayberry.
Howe ISD was an enjoyable experience for me since the first grade. Most teachers went above and beyond their expectations to personally help and guide me to succeed. I have been a part of many excellent organizations that shaped me to the person i am today.
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I really enjoyed the small town environment. The people are extremely supportive and treat you just like family. The faculty also goes above and beyond to help the students in any way they possibly can. It is easy to approach any and all of the teachers. I also enjoy the amount of school spirit that is displayed. There is a feeling that everyone is proud of you and also proud to be apart of a program with you. I do however wish that more people would recognize what they have here at Howe High School. There is more than I would care to admit who take for granted the amount of support and compassion this community gives.
The intamacy of a small school exprience, but was lacking in funds for extracurricular s, particularly the arts.
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