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During my years in the HCPS system, I feel that I have had a quite full experience leaving me with wonderful memories and great life-long friends. I really enjoyed having teachers and coaches who genuinely cared about my educational, physical, and mental growth by constantly challenging me in preparation for the real world.
I have enjoyed the schools in HCPSS, very open to diversity and many educational opportunities and clubs to join and be involved in while being there. Most teachers care about the future of their students and care about their educational status and want to help them expand their minds and get them through school and want to see them succeed.
I have lived in Howard County for about all my life well as I can remember when I got to school I really liked it because there was a lot of support and a lot of programs to help new students well incoming students. They had helped me a lot with the after-school program for math. But I would like to see the change in Howard County would be the college readiness they do not prepare us well they don't help us see the reality of what college is or how even to apply to college or scholarships, grants and other.
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Howard County Public School is a very competitive environment. This could be a good thing and a negative thing because it’s good to be in a competitive environment so you will be able to stay on track to do your best. However, it could be very stressful and hard to make you stand out as a student since everyone will try to participate in everything and you have to compete for every position.
Going to a Howard county school is actually a privilege. Reflecting back on it I realize how lucky I am to go to a school in a county that is nationally recognized as one of the best counties in the nation. I go to long reach high school which is one of the schools in the county, and though going there may seem like a pain and you feel like you hate everyone or you just hate school, it’s a good school with teachers and administrators that care. You may not feel like they care, and the decisions they make may oppose your decisions, but they are there to help you.
Howard County Schools are the best! You'll get a private school education without the cost. Part of your education comes from being around the diversity that Howard County is known for.
I have been in the Howard county school system for all years of school. I love how diverse Howard county is, especially my school. The teachers really care about students and do everything in their ability to make sure everyone is ready for the next level of education whether that be preparing for middle school, high school, or college. I am very thankful that I was able to be educated in such an amazing district.
Howard county public schools is well known for being on of the best school systems in Maryland. All schools provide an opportunity for students to achieve success in their own ways. I feel that this system demonstrates great diversity within its different areas. Overall this school system provides a wonderful education for its students.
They really challenge you in Howard county. The teachers, resources etc. truly do prepare you for college. They care about you and want you to succeed. You are able to reach your academic and athletic potential while in this school system.
Clean and wealthy facilities, challenging education. I've attended Howard County Public Schools my whole life. The teachers do their jobs and school lunch is okay. They give out challenging work and reward students for achieving their academic goals.
I enjoy the classes, the people (teachers and students alike). The overall atmosphere of the school is good and accepting, everyone gets involved in one way or another. The teachers are very helpful, always trying to assist in any way or manner that they can, and the guidance counselors had a big impact, being very personable and easy to talk to about nay problems whether they were school-related or personal matters. The clubs and organizations were all very successful in their regards which made being apart of them very fun and exciting, and the sponsors were all very avid supporters and consistently helped whenever we wanted to do something new.
First of all, I love the diversity, commitment, and involvement of the student body. Every student in all of the HCPSS schools is very passionate in their studies and extra-curricular activities, making Howard County one of the top counties in the nation. The various afterschool activities and clubs show the determination of the staff, for they want to provide the best resources for all the students. The teachers readily prepare us for studies beyond high school and always stress the importance of time management, enthusiasm, and integrity in everything that we do. I loved all of my years attending HCPSS schools, and I made so many friends of different backgrounds from other schools as well. GO Marriotts Ridge High and HCPSS!
I feel very fortunate to have been able to attend a Howard County public school for my education. I liked the variety of clubs, sports, and activities available. I was allowed to take advanced classes (AP) which helps to prepare high school students for college level classes. This is a privilege some other counties do not offer. However, there are some things I strongly disliked about the Howard County Public School. Personally, at my school there is a big issue about teachers treating students unfairly. Many teachers at my school grade the same assignments on very different manners. I do not believe it's fair for teachers who teach the same subjects to grade so differently. I hope that in the future there will be consistency among teachers because I think it's unfair to those students that have the "harsher" grader. Also, my school is very overpopulated. The hallways are too crammed. It's unsafe for the size of the actual school.
Howard County Public Schools is a great place for your child to receive an education. Very diverse county, with so many open opportunities to participate in activities that you very much enjoy.
Overall, I had an excellent education that was able to carry on in college. The preparation for college readiness especially at Hammond High School for the AP exam preparation and free tutoring and after school help from teachers was extremely What prepared me most was enrolling into the Gifted & Talented Research program under April Lerner at Hammond was the best experience of my life and it prepared me for college coursework and research. Lastly, I had an amazing 11th grade English teacher Ms. Deborah Chun who enhanced my learning capabilities and expanded my knowledge there are other teachers including Elizabeth Stocklin, Cherilyn Brown, and Anne Corey. These amazing teachers shaped and prepared for one of the biggest milestones I will continue.
Howard County Public Schools have an overly competitive and academic culture that promotes little balance and lacks care for students mental health and well being. Prioritizing test taking and GPA, Howard County Public Schools, and especially my high school of River Hill, may have a few stellar educators and aid considerably in regards to resources and college-readiness, yet the general stern culture of the district, amplified by its demographic, contributes to an incredibly stressful and emotionally (and thus physically) taxing school experience.
The schooling system here is great, they teach the kids how to prepare for college. The sports are one of the best aspects of the schools. The bus system is nice and the schools have a great view
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I love my county, it is very diverse and interactive. It is interactive in politics, economics, as well as supporting causes. There are lots of opportunities for success as well as focused students. I wish the county focused on cyber networkings between students.
I am a current student in Howard County and I enjoyed my time. But I feel like they did not prepare us for the college experience.
The Howard County community exceeds all expectations. We're given endless opportunities to grow and connect with one another and are given the right set of tools (like technology, committed teachers, a wide range of class choices) to do so with.
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