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Great learning environment, excellent teachers and safe schools. The teachers in Howard County are enthusiastic to teach. Most of the students are eager to learn and place very high in national tests.
Overall, HCPSS has been a decent school system. It provides a good education, and the teachers are usually competent, though occasionally completely insane. Administration has improved after ex- superintended Dr. Renee Foose made her dramatic exit last year. Howard County has a very high diversity, though this decreases the closer one gets to Western Maryland. It is usually also a very high stress environment, because many schools are overcrowded and competition between students is frequent.
Long Reach is the first school i went to in marland. I love this school. They all the students to succeed in school. They work with you to do your best.
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Wonderful school system, children are well prepared for a attending college. I have 2 children that are excelling it the honors program
It's a decent school system. It could use a little more diversity. There are teachers that are just there and don't really teach. I don't think the counselors put forth much effort in assisting the seniors. Some of the coaches don't help out their athletes as far as helping them get into schools.
The teachers are very motivated at my school and are also very fun to interact with. They are available to answer questions and are always interested in helping students with projects even if they are not school related.
Howard county is a great school district with some of the best schools out there. They are very diverse and everyone is treated like family.
I've had an exceptionally okay time at Howard. Teachers arent as evil as high school teachers make them out to be.
I think Howard County is a great school that offers a lot of opportunities that not many will experience. It may be one of the richest counties but we also see a lot of diversity and minorities that many places do. Along with that, rarely is there a teacher or staff member who doesn’t genuinely care about the school and their students. Many of my teachers have connected with my peers and me and have me with struggles in both academics and personal life. That being said, I don’t like how students are pushed to go into STEM based classes even from elementary school. As someone who wishes to peruse a career in fine arts, it’s not fair how little emphasis is placed on arts and humanities besides the standard one art credit and three years of history/government. Overall, I have had a good experience with Howard County but I do think there are areas that they could improve in order to better fit the needs of all students rather than some.
I moved to Howard County when I was fifteen years old. It was a hard transition and there was bullying involved despite the school I attend priding itself on friendliness. However, I would be lying if I said that Howard County schools are not preparing their students for success. Living in this county has provided me many resources to grow as a writer, actress, and person.
It is a very calm and thorough county. It is very wealthy and helped me lay a foundation for my future success.
The teachers are mostly hit or miss. You'll most likely be prepared for college. There is a good amount of diversity but there is also a good amount of racism. There is no active sexism by the staff but the upper-level STEM courses are majority male. Plenty of resources for all students.
Howard count public schools are very diverse and have lots of activities for you to get involved in so your never bored. It’s a great education program too.
I'm having a great experience at Glenelg HS. I love the music program, especially marching band. It has become my second family. I also love my mentor-- an upperclassmen that was matched with me to help me learn the ropes. Mentoring is available to all incoming students.
I have been in this county since kindergarten and I have really loved being in this school system. There are many chances to grow as a student and there are an endless amount of programs for each kind of person out there. They take diversity seriously and you will feel well supported here!
I really like the way we were prepared for college from the beginning of our education. The new superintendent is amazing too! The last one didn't seem to have the county and the students best interests at heart and I feel much more supported now. The music and theater programs are top notch as well. I've had some wonderful experiences here in this county!
I like that Howard County schools are very diverse. At our schools there are all kinds of people from different cultures, religions, economics and it's very good to be exposed to different types of people. All of the clubs I have been involved with make me feel very welcome and supported. Even if you have a bad teacher, you can tell they still really want to help you and are willing to stay after school to help you succeed. I'm glad that I have had the opportunity to be apart of Howard County and believe that my schools have done a good job preparing me for the future.
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I love being in the Howard County Public Schools system. I have had some terrible experiences with some of the students that I went to school with because of bullying. The teachers are amazing and very supportive. It is really good for people that have disabilities too.
Howard County Public Schools prep students well for success in college courses. I felt more prepared than many of the other students I met at my university.
People say "we are some of the best schools in the country" but have you actually been inside. The teachers assign work but don't teach. And the only time they actually decide to act like decent teachers is when they are being reviewed by other teachers. But there are a few awesome teachers who stand out and make school not so dreadful. But it is true there is a great amount of rigger in some of the course and the people your kids are around help push them to want o be better. Overall its a decent school system but thats only speaking from experience.
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