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Howard County Public Schools is a great place for your child to receive an education. Very diverse county, with so many open opportunities to participate in activities that you very much enjoy.
Overall, I had an excellent education that was able to carry on in college. The preparation for college readiness especially at Hammond High School for the AP exam preparation and free tutoring and after school help from teachers was extremely What prepared me most was enrolling into the Gifted & Talented Research program under April Lerner at Hammond was the best experience of my life and it prepared me for college coursework and research. Lastly, I had an amazing 11th grade English teacher Ms. Deborah Chun who enhanced my learning capabilities and expanded my knowledge there are other teachers including Elizabeth Stocklin, Cherilyn Brown, and Anne Corey. These amazing teachers shaped and prepared for one of the biggest milestones I will continue.
Howard County Public Schools have an overly competitive and academic culture that promotes little balance and lacks care for students mental health and well being. Prioritizing test taking and GPA, Howard County Public Schools, and especially my high school of River Hill, may have a few stellar educators and aid considerably in regards to resources and college-readiness, yet the general stern culture of the district, amplified by its demographic, contributes to an incredibly stressful and emotionally (and thus physically) taxing school experience.
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The schooling system here is great, they teach the kids how to prepare for college. The sports are one of the best aspects of the schools. The bus system is nice and the schools have a great view
I love my county, it is very diverse and interactive. It is interactive in politics, economics, as well as supporting causes. There are lots of opportunities for success as well as focused students. I wish the county focused on cyber networkings between students.
I am a current student in Howard County and I enjoyed my time. But I feel like they did not prepare us for the college experience.
The Howard County community exceeds all expectations. We're given endless opportunities to grow and connect with one another and are given the right set of tools (like technology, committed teachers, a wide range of class choices) to do so with.
Excellent school academically and for diversity. Amazing community involvement and support. Great amount of resources for college, school, extra curricular activities.
Howard County Public Schools are very organized, well funded, and try to do the best they can to attain to the needs of the student as best they can. This is especially shown through their after school buses for kids who don't have rides home, allowing them to participate in extra-curriculars.
HCPSS is amazing! It prepares its students for the next academic level. The teachers are very friendly and approachable.
HCPSS is very college prepared. Academics are always the number one priority. The teachers are great and engage with the student body. The diversity around these schools is great and everyone feels welcomed. The sports are average with being competitive, but it always excites the students. We are offered great opportunities as a community to help us grow individually. HCPSS offers great activities for high school seniors before they leave for college.
There is a lot of diversity! Especially at my school, Howard High School there are so many students of different cultural, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. I wish there was better understanding of student's lives, and that assignments should be better spaced out. Additionally, I wish students and teachers were more inter-connected and that the the values of a community were displayed.
Great learning environment, excellent teachers and safe schools. The teachers in Howard County are enthusiastic to teach. Most of the students are eager to learn and place very high in national tests.
Overall, HCPSS has been a decent school system. It provides a good education, and the teachers are usually competent, though occasionally completely insane. Administration has improved after ex- superintended Dr. Renee Foose made her dramatic exit last year. Howard County has a very high diversity, though this decreases the closer one gets to Western Maryland. It is usually also a very high stress environment, because many schools are overcrowded and competition between students is frequent.
Long Reach is the first school i went to in marland. I love this school. They all the students to succeed in school. They work with you to do your best.
Wonderful school system, children are well prepared for a attending college. I have 2 children that are excelling it the honors program
It's a decent school system. It could use a little more diversity. There are teachers that are just there and don't really teach. I don't think the counselors put forth much effort in assisting the seniors. Some of the coaches don't help out their athletes as far as helping them get into schools.
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The teachers are very motivated at my school and are also very fun to interact with. They are available to answer questions and are always interested in helping students with projects even if they are not school related.
Howard county is a great school district with some of the best schools out there. They are very diverse and everyone is treated like family.
I've had an exceptionally okay time at Howard. Teachers arent as evil as high school teachers make them out to be.
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