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I like that Howard County Public Schools have given me the opportunity to explore so many different interests and help me prepare for the world after high school.
I received a great Education with teachers who cared. The teachers prepared me for my first year of college. They challenged me to be the best I could be both in the classroom and when I played sports.
Very good school system! Our basketball team was really good along with the track and volleyball teams. I believe the teachers prepared us well for college, however in the future I would like there to be a course in which they teach financial education to students.
Review Howard County Public Schools
In general, great school system. Strong education. Teachers vary in their abilities to handle students with different learning styles. Schools definitely geared to the highest achievers. Strong pressure to excel.
The Howard County Public School System is well funded and well run. The teachers and administrative staff are very committed to putting every student on the appropriate learning path based on their long term career goals. Overall a good system that produces excellent results.
It's been very good overall and I feel like I am always encouraged to do my best and that I can turn to anyone for help.
I love how teachers are able to keep a connection with students through their tenure with Howard County Public School System.
My experience in HCPSS was extremely positive. The faculty and curriculum was rigorous and truly prepared me for college.
I've received a great education in Howard County and I truly feel ready to take on the difficulty of college courses
Im an alumini and I used to work as a Long term substitute in the Howard County School system. I graduated back in 2012. It was a good experience with my education was always first. The teachers always made sure I've gotten the best education possible in order to help myself succeed in the four years it took to get my high school diploma. Great leadership in school system. HR department very responsive and helpful. Some assistant principals cant handle children( middle school)
Howard County Public schools is a well-diversified school system in which you find all types of students coming from different backgrounds. Everyone attending is determined to learn and apply their knowledge to every day life.
I liked how howard county provided students with opportunities to succeed. However they did not really focus any resources on helping the new students who recently moved to howard county. Most of these students are not familiar with the rigor in the classroom and the expectations from the schools. While most students might have parents who can help them with homework or have enough money to get a tutor, not such can be said for other students. Some students have parents working two jobs to be able to cope with living in this costly county. Therefore it will be really good if more could be done to help such students who might need help. Also personally I think, some teachers are really rude. I think a lot of them are actually and they have low expectations for certain kind of students.
My experience with Howard County Public Schools has okay okay but not the best. Some schools are better than others and they are always redistricting the schools so that students often have to change schools even if they don't want to which is very inconvenient.
As a student who has been attending schools here in Howard County for the past two years, I must say that it has been one of the best school experiences thus far. Though the system pushes us to be in a more competitive environment, it also pushes us to help us achieve more and be the best students we can be. The teachers are people we can easily go to and ask for help if we have any questions and the different activities my high school offers to the students are limitless, with there being at least one thing suitable for everyone! To be honest, there is no other school district I would rather live in.
Howard County public school are considered very competitive in the district! I have been living in Columbia for about 5 years. The most important reason of the "caring" parents I know live in Howard County, so that their children would benefit from it.
Great teachers, but there's definitely a disconnect between the teachers and the administrators. Awful school spirit, main focus is on test scores and grades. Administration doesn't care about welfare of the kids. Howard County is definitely it's own little bubble. The PTA is very cliquey and it's very difficult to integrate yourself if you weren't from howard county.
All the county cared about was test scores and money. Thankfully we have a new Superintendent, who's been in the position for a little over a month and he's already better than the last one.
Review Howard County Public Schools
Education levels are great. Most teachers are very engaging and helpful inside and outside of the classroom. The athletics and extracurriculars are very well organized and competitive, making improvements to the students abilities.
The schools were organized, there was order within the community, there always are programs set up to improve the school system, whether academically or socially, it is also safe.
I want less students in class. It is too crowded.i want school should be strict in giving education.
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