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I like that the teachers and the administrators take personal interest in the lives of their students and try to go the extra mile in order for them to help the students to become better young adults in future. One thing i would like to change is that not all students or all schools get access to school buses and that hurts the education process of some of the kids, hindering them from their potential.
Houstonisd has been a great district for me since I'm in the Magnet Program. HISD has given me the opportunity to go to any school in the District even though I'm zoned to Kashmere High School. The bus experience has been moderate until recently of last year. The busses always arrived late and some of the them were in poor conditions. Some of them still are, but its getting me to my destination. This year they have fixed the tardiness of busses and its helping students acquired the information that they would have missed if the busses were tardy still. Overall, My experience with HoustonISD has been good.
I enjoyed the cultural atmosphere that Houston ISD provided. Help teachers, staff and parents. Took care of students in classrooms when teachers were absent. Were in charge of lunch applications and cards. Sold uniform shirts. Covered for front desk receptionist when needed.
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Students, co-workers, professional development, it used to be a very nice place to work at, until the principals became the bullies.
Board members, principals who want to run the district as CEO´s. Principals lying to fire teachers, board backing them up. Supervisors and Board´s wages are too high
Advice to Management
Centralization is needed or principals will believe they are the owners of the whole district, Some Board members make a fool of themselves and they represent the district, change is needed.
One good thing that Houston Independent School District has that they provide a system where in high school you can attend to college and get your Associate Degree. One thing that can be changed is to provide more security.
Houston independent school district is a very well organized district that contains lots of diversity and good resources as well as teachers
I like that the school district cares about its students and works hard to give the best resources to their students.
In Houston school independent school district, I like how all of the school teachers and student are both respectful and attentive to all of the school activities and work.
Houston Independent School District has prepared me and many of my peers for post-secondary education and careers. Most teachers are very involved in our academic work and are concerned about our success. Every one wants that ideal teacher that they feel comfortable talking to about life, school, etc. and there are plenty of teachers that fall into that category. I have been offered numerous amount of resources and opportunities through my counselors, teachers, and principal, that I feel I wouldn't have had access to if I didn't attend an HISD School. However, one thing I would like to change is the funding for the schools that are in low income areas. We struggle sometimes to attain a good education because of the lack of resources such as new books and other commonly used classroom materials.
As a whole the school district has great intentions and capabilities. There has been many new advances to better the academics across the school district, specifically in the low income areas. However, there is still a divide between administration and parents on where to allocate the districts funds and it shows. Some schools have very strong parental participation and thus have more say on what the students are offered. For those that are not as fortunate, they are not as advanced as they could be.
Houston Independent School District has a wonderful education system ! The teachers and staff are very involved and passionate about helping their students. The teachers are concerned, but helpful whenever it comes to grades. Overall, HISD is an amazing school district with excellent academics.
What I like about HISD is that they communicate with the parents as much as they can. The other things that I enjoyed in the journey with HISD are the fact that administrative staff is full of friendly people who enjoy helping others.
The amount of choice there in the cafeteria during high school. I believe that this district provides the most opportunitues they can provide in order for their students to suceed in their future.
I really loved most of my teachers, they all had different teaching styles, unique to their classes. They also cared about my grades and were willing to work with me if I had trouble. There is a huge variety of sports such as swimming, lacrosse, tennis, along with the "norm" sports: basketball, football, track, etc. There are a diverse group of clubs/extracurricular activities including: debate, chess, leadership programs, HOSA, NHS, ones for LGBTQ+ members, JROTC etc. There are AP, Honors, and Baccalaureate programs to get you ready for college and designated centers and people you can go to talk about college planning and scholarships.
Issues that HISD faces are family factors play a role in a teacher’s ability to teach students. Principals and teachers agree that what is going on at home will impact a student’s propensity to learn. Divorce, single parents, poverty, violence and many other issues are all challenges a student brings to school every day. While some teachers and administrators try to work with children in less than ideal family environments, they can only do so much – especially when parents are often not willing to partner with the schools to provide for the children.
This is going to be my second year of being in HISD. So far it has been great with the teachers attitude. The teachers are all nice and they want the best for everyone. i expect to be in this school district for the rest of the 2 years that i have left in school. i want to pass all of my classes so that i can have a good gpa to get scholarships and to get in a good college/ university.
I like that I am able to attain my high school diploma and attain an Associates of Arts degree at the same time.
Throughout my time as a student in HISD, I've felt that I've been well prepared for college. The schools that I've attended have been nice, well taken care of, and well staffed. I absolutely love my teachers, and I think that most schools are ethnically and culturally diverse. For such a large district, we have a wide variety of great schools and sports. It's hard to rate parent involvement over the whole district, but from my experience, most parents have been generally active and supportive. I think that the district handles itself well. While I think that some programs deserve more funding, I believe that Houston has a great school system, and you wouldn't be placing your child at a disadvantage by sending them to a Houston school.

Attending all HISD schools has prepared me to attend an Ivy League in the coming fall!
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The HISD is a good district but it could really improve the parking in a lot of places, especially high schools where students are learning to drive at an earlier age.
I like high school because it is nice and if Helps me learn and helped me see myself and let’s me know what I want to do whenever I get older and makes me feel loved and that I can lear. And do anything I want to do in the world that’s we live I.
I was part of Houston ISD from pre-k to 12 and although each school varied, the overall experience was good. In each school I had teachers that were approachable and actually cared about their students. Those good teachers even found programs for us to get the most out of resources available to us.
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