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Houston independent school district overall is a great school district. I feel as if some HISD schools care more about sports rather than academics. I would like to have more resources available to students. HISD should also prepare their students for real life outside of high school instead of handing them a helping hand the whole way out.
Hisd takes care of its students and does its best to create learning environments that help everyone succeed.
I have heard that Houston Independent School Districts is one of the most encouraging districts for students and is so true. This district does a lot for me and my other past siblings that were in this district.
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The Houston Independent School District always make sure to put the students first and they make sure that everyone is getting the resources they need in order to graduate.
I like HSPVA a lot, it's a great environment and has been for the past three years. Excited to move to the new campus, but i think i would like to see more ethnic diversity, especially at an arts school that promotes diversity of all kinds. but besides that, dope district
I like the academics although i would like to see more sports. The school lunches also need improving. They are very bland and most don't even bother to get them because of this. My campus is very safe and diverse. The teachers care for there students and try to include parents in everything they do like the PTO.
Houston Independent School District was a school district of its own, it was always trying to give the best opportunities to its students as well as its teachers. HISD without fail, would try to find a solution to any problem it came across as soon as possible ranging from hurricane Harvey to a school lock down. Houston Independent School District is a very unique school district and I would not trade the experiences or education for the world.
I like how big and diverse my school district and how they tried to give kids equal opportunity to their peers by adding the Power Up laptops but other than that compared to other districts I believe HISD is a bit behind especially in terms of being academically ready for college because many of my peers always say they weren't adequately prepared for college so I would implement more college readiness programs.
I enjoy the teachers and people in my school district, they are all comprehensive and full of spirit. Something I would change about my school district is the food they throw away. I know it is the rule to throw away any food that is not eaten but I think it should be given to those in need, or to other schools.
The main difference I would want to see is more college-readiness and more attention to making sure we get all the credits we need in high school to graduate.
It is a great school to go to, because the school offer a lot to the student. It make that students are prepare to go to college and will be able to succeed in life.
Well, HISD is basically greedy and doesn't care about students. They make money off of us attending school, that doesn't mean they'll treat us with the gourmet food we deserve. Even if we're in prison, at least give us food that's more than edible lmao
Houston Independent School district is average at best. It is lacking in monetary funds from major budget cuts from the Texas Legislature. There is also a constant threat of shootings, the safety in schools is not where it should be and threats seem to come monthly. Magnet schools in the district are the only schools that are structured to build college readiness. Everywhere else is either focused on sports or extracurricular activities. it definitely has a lot of room for improvement, unfortunately this is average for schools in America.
HISD gives great opportunities for kids who have shown that they’re willing to do the work for it. In my experience hisd has made a huge impact on my life. The strings of school allow you to apply to middle schools and high schools all over Houston with the appropriate busing. Though I went to my zoned school for elementary and middle school, Westside changed my last fw and I wouldn’t have been able to attend there if it wasn’t for the way HISD was set up.
I liked how well the administration were organized, and helping students in the ways that they could. I did not like the college readiness, being a college freshman, I believe that my high school did not prepare me for college. There are many things not only in the academics, but also in the adulthood that if it had not been for my parents to teach me, I would not know how to do at all. For example, paying bills, writing checks, grocery shopping, managing and budgeting money, etc.
been in HISD for 5 years ever since i moved to Houston. In 8th grade i attended Revere Middle School And for all of my high schools years I've attended Westside Highschool. Revere was a good school, safe. Knowledgeable teachers. Westside has a large campus, an extensive course selection, and many varsity sports. Have recently moved to one lunch for all 3,000 students, so it gets pretty crowded. 9/10, good schools
My Experience in Hisd has been very great i have been in the district all my life and im about to graduate this year. I would like to tell hisd that i love the job they are doing to keep the kids in school & in active in extra curricular activities because it gives students more reasons to come to school other than education.
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My experience at Waltrip high school over the past four years has been amazing. I have learned a great amount of information that can greatly benefit my future and my well-being. The administrators and the staff have made me feel comfortable and encourage me everyday to push forward towards graduation. I feel very prepared towards taking my first step into the real world out of high school. However, not everything is bright sunshines. I've struggled here and there but with the help of my band director, I have overcome those obstacles. My band director is the person that has put the most effort towards shaping who I am today. If it wasn't for him, my high school experience at Waltrip would not be the same.
The teachers really care about making sure each student is comfortable in the learning environment and they prepare students for college to the best of their ability. They offer college classes to students with Houston Community College. If I were to change anything I would influence students to take college classes as early as 9th grade. Students will be more competitive when it comes to getting accepted in colleges they really want to go to.
My experience has been great I have assisted the HISD District since elementary and i like this district. It assist us really well to everyone and in fact is diverse as well and we get to participate with everyone and get to know about other people's culture and they get to know about ours too, vise-versa.
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