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The Houston county schools are very different in their own way with my school being veterans there is a new sense of culture being established. So that being said for being a younger school it has impressed me with the ability to form, learn, and become something much greater
The houston county school district is focused on providing quality education to all students both in and out of the classroom.
Houston County School system is a bit odd is all I can really say about it. It’s not the best school system out there and I don’t know if I’d even call it average, maybe it is. The county is pretty good at it’s sports and clubs, that reach state and maybe national levels.
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Houston county is a very trusting and rewarding school system. I always feel safe when I am at school and they handle bad situations appropriately. Also, the teachers are very helping if you are stuck on any question and they help you as best that they can they'll even spend extra time with you after school or before school if needed.
Houston County Schools are very good schools but they can use some improvement. The food at Veterans High School isn’t very good. The administration is very understanding and caring. The lunches are too crowded at Veterans and there needs to be more help provided to the students about colleges.
Houston County Schools are very connected to each other. We share resources and ideas from school to school and there's a nice rotation system.
High school is alright; my freshmen and sophomore years were a cakewalk. I was immature and very laughable those years; when I got to my junior year, things got very stressing and I started to hang less and less with my friends because I spent more time worrying about my classes. Senior year is also very stressful, and I got very lazy. However, my senior year was full of surprises, such as the fact that I started to like class more, and alot of students and teachers actually acknowledge like me when it comes to art (which was new in my occasion, because in my first three years of high school, I didn't talk to girls very many because I was shyer). High school has changed me big time; I act more intelligent , and I'm trying to be more keen. However, I always have regretted procrastinating when it came to studying.
The Houston County School system is an overall slightly above average school system. The academics and teachers are good but the Houston County Board of Education itself has many problems when it comes to parent and student input. The board of education needs to work on its parent and student relations in the future.
Houston County Schools provide students with an awesome education experience. Faculty and Staff at all schools plan fun and interactive lessons to help the student learn the material effectively. This district provides numerous and diverse extracurricular activities for all of their students.
Great School System. Academics and sports are the best in he area. I would recommend everyone to send their kids to this school system.
Houston County Schools are the Best. They have taught me since my elementary school. It's been a life changing experience for me .I will be graduating in May 2018 with honors. I rank 55 out of 279 students in my graduating class. I owe all the Thanks to God, my parents and the Best teachers in the World. Houston County Teachers!!!
AP and other advanced courses should give more credit towards students overall GPA and grades. AP Classes are difficult and students with normal level classes are able to graduate in Honors above the AP students.
Schools in the county provide opportunity for students to live and learn in a healthy and forward moving environment. Lack of hustle and bustle from city causes students to be more close knit and to build strong life lasting relationships with other students and fellow pears
I am originally from California and I'll be completely honest, I thought people from down south weren't very smart. I attended Houston County High School and was challenged intellectually and I can say I improved as a person. The school system was very well put together and was steadily improving each year I was there.
I loved the compassion the administration showed in situations where I was bullied and the determined mindedness of the staff to get to the bottom of the situation so that I would not be harassed any longer.
Both of our son's graduated from Northside high school, in Houston County Georgia. Academically they both did well and had a good relationship with all of their teachers and administration. They were both involved in several clubs and extra curricular activities during their fours years attending Northside.
I wish all schools had the same resources available to them. The teachers and staff are fully there for the students but parkwood does not have the same resources as other elementary schools in the district.
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Veterans High School is the best of the best, I had an excellent education due to the teachers and staff...
The best schools system in the state of Georgia. Houston County Schools works to make sure that every student succeeds and is prepared for their next life step. They set very strict rules in other to keep students balanced and well behaved.
In my past time there as a student, I've enjoyed my time. There are many clubs and activities to do, but I have also noticed that teachers and administration sometimes care more about the sports and things rather than the education.
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