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Houston county schools are very average, but they need a boost on security especially st Ashford High School and investment in new bleachers in the gyms.
If there was ever an issue they do see to it that something is done right away. I do wish there was more open communication before an issues arose.
I liked that most of the kids new each other because maybe they hung out. Not all of them went to the same school.
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I have been in Houston County Schools my entire life. The magnet schools are magnificent; however, I believe that the public schools could use quite a bit of work. I have attended four schools and volunteered in three, and the overall issue is lack of involvement on behalf of the students due to lack of opportunity. I think there are too few ways for students to enjoy school therefore there is no way to improve.
I have attended a small private school in Houston County for almost four years now. I have enjoyed my high school experience at Northside Methodist Academy. I have no complaints as I enter my senior year.
Not enough college preparation or real life preparation. Schools should be teaching students how to make it in outside of school.
As a senior in high school I am quite pleased with Houston County schools. I believe that I am well prepared for college and that the faculty and staff are top notch for our area.
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