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Houghton-Portage Township School District Reviews

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The teachers are very invested in the learning environment, the class size averages around 25, so not overly tiny, but not huge. Everyone there-- teachers, students, staff-- want to see you succeed. It's a very positive and welcoming environment.
Pretty good. Better atmosphere than other high schools I hear about, but like any high school it wasn't a ton of fun. I feel prepared for college, but I also made a point to take all the advanced classes I could so that I would be. I do not know how ready I would feel if I had taken all of the regular classes and just got the bare minimum done. The problem is that students and teachers alike just were not excited about what we were doing. Things only got fun at the end of the year when everyone realized we were almost done. But I know things could have been much worse so I guess I would say HHS was a good high school experience even though I really hated most of it.
Excellent education with a strong emphasis on preparing the students for college. Many options for dual enrollment and AP courses.
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Houghton High School is a nice small school that is accepting and loving towards others! Houghton schools have great team spirit and a strong feeling of community.
While Houghton is the best school in the area, it still has many issues. The abilities of the teachers vary greatly, with the exception of a few outstanding and respectable teachers, and their is a lot of bias in grading sometimes. It is also relatively difficult to explore your personal interests or challenge yourself with specific classes due to unconventional schedule restrictions and classes offered. The atmosphere of the school is okay, but there are many areas where the discipline level should be increased or decreased. Also, the lack of any sort of independence given to students who have proven their maturity and responsibility time and time again really sucks.
Houghton High School is a school where you can have fun and work hard. They have teachers who are willing to work with students as individuals and help them succeed. There are many events that take place during the school year which makes the environment fun, active, and comfortable.
Most of the people are nice but there should be more involvement with the parents and teachers. They have parent teacher conferences but not many parents go. They should have a family night to gain expierence with parents, students, and the staff.
The school is really good overall. We are one of the best schools in the Upper Peninsula and it really shows. We are clean, and the learning/teaching is great. But, some things like the food that we get should get fixed up a bit.
I enjoyed my experience at Houghton High School. The school has a great amount of clubs and sports teams so there is something for everyone. The academics are a main focus of the school. The teachers prepare you for your college future. I wouldn't change anything about the school. I'm glad I got to have my high school experience here.
As a volunteer instructor for programs hosted at the school, I am always Happy to see how many students are active in participation. It is very uncommon to find any students that (significantly) misbehave.
Houghton High School is the best academic school in the area. The science department is exceptional; the teachers are dedicated and inspiring.
Many teachers are very talented, and there are many great opportunities for different careers. The extracurricular programs are also very diverse.
The school academic level is second to none and the school strives to be the best school in the area for learning but the focus on the food and extracurriculars could be increased
I have gone to Houghton all my life and I definitely enjoyed it and love the different options they have that suit every individual but I'd love to see more involvement with the community from the school or more advice from the kids that could help our school improve.
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