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One thing about this school that wasn’t all that bad for the most part was the teachers. They were all generally very nice teachers for my experience anyway. I do think they need to have more resources for kids to get help when they are struggling. Also, there is zero support for the girls sports teams at this school and they are the teams that keep bringing in the trophies. The boys teams get support, money, rally’s; you name It they’ve had it even for the smallest victories.
I've gone to Houghton Lake Community Schools my whole life. Since there are not many students that go here, everybody knows everybody and everything about everybody. It is a really small school district, and I have never personally had a problem with it.
Houghton Lake isn't an all around bad school, but it could use some improvements. Improvements include maybe spending money on useful things for the school instead of a new scoreboard. They focus on sports a lot, but they also do with education, just not enough for some students.
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Great community. Great sports program, and caring teachers. Love the co-op options I had as a junior and senior. Felt prepared for college and went on to get a BA.
Houghton Lake Schools are so near and dear to my heart. Not only is it the school that I attend, but it is also the school that my brother and father graduated from. The students and the staff make the whole high school experience so enjoyable. Not only are the students nice, but they are also helpful and caring. I can not even say the countless amount of times that I didn't know where I was going and people showed me the way. Also when I don't know how to do something in class my classmates helped me. The teachers are a big part too. Teaching us our education for the present and future they become friends to us. All of the teachers at Houghton Lake are very nice and can relate to many situations. Being in a small school with small classes you get the opportunity to get close with the staff. Being apart of Houghton Lake Schools has been one of the best times of my life. From the students, staff, and family history, I wouldn't change attending Houghton Lake schools for anything.
I think that Houghton Lake Community Schools are the best schools in the area. There are great students and teachers that work with you to accomplish whatever goals you may have. Everyone is friendly!
Houghton Lake Community Schools is a great place to go to everyday and grow up with. The staff members and community itself is an amazing environment. The teachers stay after school, stay after classes, take extra time during classes to help you understand the topic you're working on at the moment. They reach out during passing time to make conversation and to check in on how your day is doing. They don't only care about your education but they care for your life as well. They'll take time out of their day to see if you're doing in all aspects of your life. The students are even better. Students help each other out, invite other students who don't get out much to come to dances and games. It's a very good place to grow up with.
Houghton Lake Community Schools are great schools in our small community, and because of the type of community we have, the school staff cares for the students and have a closer relationship than other schools. Our sports teams are always striving to get better and our school and community have the school spirit to cheer on our athletic groups. Although we don't have much diversity in our schools, the clubs in the high school/activities in the community make up for our diversity in a different sense. The classes taught at Houghton Lake Community Schools are easy to follow along because of the staff, and we are able to go beyond classes in the classroom by various Dual Enrollment and Michigan Virtual courses that are available. Houghton Lake Community Schools may seem like small, average schools, but there is potential that sparks greatness.
I am a senior at Houghton Lake High School. I have attended and lived in Houghton Lake almost my entire life. We have a very small, tight-knit community that really rallies behind our school system. Almost all of our teachers are very invested with most of them having kids that attend Houghton Lake schools as well. Of course there are always things that could be improved on, such as better communication, more organization, and more teacher support from the school district in general to name a few. But overall, Houghton Lake schools strive to give students a good education while making sure they feel supported and valued.
Nice school with great people, but lacks personality and respect for elder students. There are so many rules that the high school students including myself feel like we are being treated like five year olds. Teachers are amazing and always willing to go the extra mile and do what needs to be done to help students to the best of their abilities.
I like that there are so many different kinds of scholarships in this website. People can simply go on this website and sign up for it. You don't even need a min GPA or to write an essay. You can simply apply for it by filling out your information.
Houghton Lake is a great school system filled with amazing opportunities. The environment is filled with people who seem to not be interested in college, but the school counselor, Mrs. Sidelko pushes every student to attend college and get some sort of degree for a more promising future. I feel that all teachers in Houghton Lake progressively push their students to do better.
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