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At my high school, they are all about college readiness. It is not the most diverse school ever which is kind of a bummer. The teachers really care about you and want you to succeed. The students are very nice and want to help you.
This district is on the up and coming saved my life. But to say it's without its problems would be a lie. I won't complain about my experience though, just a warning they will pass you if you're good at sports.
It had a lot of diversity, so you never felt like you didn't belong. You always had someone there to offer you a smile if you were having a bad day and the administration was always there to help whenever someone needed it.
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Terrible place bad teachers you cannot have your cell phones or they’ll take them. They are becoming a charter school in the middle of the school year, also they have no organization or morals. The food is disgusting and the teachers are rude and be little students. Overall the school is a zero out of 1 million I would not want anyone to come here.
I first moved to Arkansas when I was about eight years old. Since then, I have attended schools in the Hot Springs district, such as Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts, Hot Springs Intermediate School, Hot Springs Middle School,
and Hot Springs High School. Overall, the experience was very good. The high school had even just recently turned to a charter school and has helped me prepare for college.
What I would like to see change in Hot Springs is the encouragement of students to accept more challenges and become more college-ready. I wish that there could have been an alternative to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, such as an AP program which several colleges take credit for as opposed to IB. It would love to see more college fairs and people coming to speak to these students to be more prepared. However, the diversity of the school is what makes it so unique from other districts. Students from all different races and classes come together to solve problems, socialize, and flourish.
HSSD is full of great opportunities for students in the Hot Springs area. There are clubs, activities and sports for every type of child. Hot Springs School District is the only district in a 25 mile radius that offers the college-level program IB.
My overall experience in being part with Hot Springs School District was pretty decent with some changes in the academic, and food areas should be considered.
Even though the overall academic rating in the school district is acceptable, there are some students that don't take the vigorous coursework seriously. By that, I mean some students come to school only to think it's just social time instead of class time.
During Breakfast and Lunch times, some of the food that is served is mostly spoiled or expired. I as a student hear a lot of complaints from the students that usually eat at school say "most of the milk they serve is mostly spoiled", and "this pop-tart that they served me more than likely expired". Some students also complain that they'll never eat school meals again due to constant meals they're served with are expired.
I went experienced hot springs school district throughout my life. I attended several schools in this district and have became a successful, determined and goal detail oriented individual.
My experience was that I notice how so many people are friendly until you make them mad and how a lot of people don't have respect for their education that they are getting. I really like the educational system we have and I'm very greatly for it. What I like to see change would be the students have repsect for each other and their education.
I am at the Arkansas School for the Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts. This rigorous, 2 year, residential high school has not only prepared me for college, but for the rest of my life. The teachers are caring and attentive to every student's needs, willing to stay after hours to help a student with anything. The classes are rigorous and much harder than a run-of-the-mill high school. I believe that this school has equipped me with the tools necessary to achieve greatness.
I like the diversity and the friendliness of the students, the only thing that I would like to see change in is the focus that is put on students, there needs to be more.
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