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I really enjoyed how much of an emphasis our schools puts on mental health. We have a very good sources of strength program implemented at our school, which provides students with different areas of their lives where they can look for strength when they need it. Some of these areas include positive friends, mentors, trusted adults, medical access, spirituality, generosity, etc. I was lucky enough to see this program develop and instill a positive atmosphere around our school. Mental health is something very important to me and I value it deeply. One area I think our school needs to improve is controlling our students with substance abuse. I think it is an issue spiraling out of control, and I have seen first hand how substance abuse can grow so quickly and have tragic impacts. I am involved in a club at school, SWAP (Students with a purpose), which strives to inform students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
Let me start out by saying, not everything at this school is horrible but, alot of it is. The funding and attention for clubs is extremly unequal. While clubs and sports teams like dance club, and deca get the opportunities to travel to Florida to compete, other clubs like social club are left to die off. This is extremely irritating considering that social club is a club for working with the disabled of the school. We practically had to beg to take the kids out on a field trip to teach them about the real world. The dance team is allowed to miss a week of school for Florida where they spend most of their time having fun meanwhile, social club and other amazing club can't even miss one class a month for meeting. To me, this is highly unfair. Another bad thing to add to this schools poor decision, is doing nothing about bullying and sucides. They are reported but, nothing is ever done about them. It feels like no actions are being taken to make the students feel safe.
Hortonville Area School District was good overall. I would say that the academics were the best. Most of the teachers were good.
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Although Hortonville is a very nice school to be at, one thing I would like to see changed is the views it pushes towards in the clubs and organizations it has. Most organizations advocated for ideas on the left side with the school activities it does without acknowledging potential right side views.
The Hortonville school district is one of the best in the area. The teachers know how to teach and know what they are teaching. In addition they care for the students and want them succeed in their education. The one major improvement that could be made is the administration. The administration does a bad job of connecting with the students which often makes them seem like they don't care about them at all.
it is a great school. I never would wish to go any ware else they have gave me so many opportunity's and I am very grateful for that
Overall outstanding school with great teachers and a great band program. The sports programs are well supported and all three schools are in one general campus area.
Hortonville is a great school with lots of opportunities. It has a very good learning support system and good teachers who care about you. It has a ton of extra-curriculars to participate in.
The only downfall at Hortonville High School is the location and the diversity related to location. Hortonville High School and the others schools in the Hortonville Area School District are in an area that is not very diversified. I think a lot of people would be better rounded individuals if there was more diversity in the school district.
Honestly, there isn't too much you can complain about when it came to going to the Hortonville Area School District. Teachers were for the most part great people. A few stragglers, but it was good. Academics were great. Activities are all over the place. When it comes to college, Hortonville produces good, ready students. Safety and a positive culture are very important to these people. All in all, it's a good place to go for kids in K-12.
I went to Hortonville Area School District from kindergarten through 12th grade and I could not have asked for better school, or place to grow up. The teachers are outstanding and the support the school offers to students is out of this world. Never did I doubt the education I was getting, the administration does an awesome job at making sure the schools are always on the cutting edge of education.
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