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Horseheads Central School District Reviews

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I loved how kind everyone was at Horseheads. The school seemed equally involved with sports as it was with the fine arts. Plenty of subject variations and opportunities. Only thing I would have changed is the quality of school lunches!
Horseheads was overall a good high school for me. I liked how it was big and the graduating class was about 350 kids. For the most part the teachers do a great job and are really involved. However, some of the teachers in the science and math departments were poor teachers. There is a lot of opportunity here though because they do offer AP and ACE courses through Corning Community College so Horseheads does prepare you for college if you choose to take college courses. There's also a lot of opportunity to get involved in the school through sports and clubs which are good. The only thing that really needs to change are the facilities. The high school is old and need remodeling and so does the field for sports. Also, new technology and textbooks should be added but other than that I'm glad to have gone to Horseheads High School.
i will miss the Horseheads High School when I go off to college. The teachers were so enthusiastic about their work and were always searching for new ways to help the students, including myself, learn and understand the material better. The students always came first. There was a passion for teaching which made students enjoy classes in various areas that they never thought they would. Everyone is also very involved with school functions and groups and it brings people from all backgrounds and experiences together. The facilities were always kept clean and the teachers and administrators made it a priority that students are aware of what to do in several dangerous situations.
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Horseheads is a great community with a lot of opportunity. There are many different classes and electives to choose from. The community is small but, nice.
I have been in the Horseheads school district my entire life, and have overall enjoyed my experience. The teachers are respectful and professional, and perform their job well. One of my favorite aspects of the district has been the wide variety of school clubs there are. There is a school activity for every student. My main complaint is the inconsistency of the administration. Sometimes, the administration will say one thing, but then do another thing, and I wish they just went through with their word better. Overall, it is a good school district.
My overall experience with Horseheads High School was a mix of poor and some positive experiences. Some teachers are very helpful and do all that they can to make you feel like your success actually matters whereas others neglect those who struggle to receive the proper education they deserve for college readiness. The funding towards the school is inefficient as well. With the amount of school taxes paid, one would think that basic needs like having an adequate supply of hand soap and toilet paper would be met but that is clearly not the case for this high school. The most negative aspect of this school is its inflexible scheduling system. HHDS utilizes a block schedule system that prevents high-achieving students to take a multitude of upper classes in the same semester. This conflict and limitations make it quite difficult to be a competitive application among those who attend schools offering IB, Honors, and a wide range of AP classes that are not limited to just social studies.
I have been a student at Horseheads my whole life and when it comes to classes the variety available is amazing. Even Before my Freshman year at Horseheads Senior High School I was able to enroll in advanced classes such as high school level Art and Mathematics. When I got to the high school there was even more higher education classes available. I took AP World History, AP United States History, Ace Economics, Anatomy and Physiology, Ace Perspective of Drugs, Ace Chemistry I and II and many more and I am about to graduate with my advanced regents diploma. The classes and teachers at this school allow you to excel further than you thought you could.
As a senior who attended Horseheads Schools beginning with Middle School, I cannot emphasize how much the district has worked on improving its academic performance levels, facility maintenance, extracurricular activity engagements, and any other aspect of the district that would benefit the students as well as the community. The new superintendent has taken on the challenge of producing a plan to further expand what our district has to offer to current, as well as prospective students, and everything that he has come up with has wowed everyone. I would definitely look forward to coming back to visit this district and see what changes have been produced in order to improve the well-being and education received by all students.
I believe that Horseheads had very strong academic programs and was very good for college readiness with AP courses and good guidance councilors. It definitely needs improvement in its facilities, but overall it is not a bad school.
Some teachers were wonderfully impactful and changed me. Other's hurt children for their own benefit, stepped on students just to make themselves look good, and lied the whole way through.
Horseheads is a tight knit school district. Many of the teachers are graduates of Horseheads High School that have chosen to come back and teach in the very district they grew up in.
Horseheads Central School District is a very good district. Its teachers, administrators, and staff all work hard to ensure a quality education for all.
This is a very good school and there are various different opportunities. At Horseheads they offer many AP and ACE classes (Through Corning Community College) which allows you to go into college with some college credits already under your belt. The atmosphere is great and is a very good place to learn. They have all the tools you need to be successful, you just have to get them and use them. The library and computer labs are always open to get your work done and there is always someone you can go to for help. The teachers are also great and they care about you and push you to do your best.
An amazing suburban school that gives you exposure to students of all economic classes; it's strongly passionate about its sports, music, community, and clubs. The only negative factor is the huge gap between stereotypical "AP" students and those that prefer general courses.
As a senior in high school I can say with confidence I had/am having a wonderful experience at Horseheads High School. It is the perfect size. You are able to see your friends everyday, you also see people you do not know. Horseheads also offers a variety of AP and ACE classes and it was a good challenge for me to take on those courses. The teachers are wonderful as well because they are always there to help you with whatever issues you come across whether it is an issue regarding class information or you just need someone to talk to. On the athletic side we are very supportive of all the sports. We always have a decent crowd at every basketball game and football game. It is such an amazing feeling being with the majority of the students at one sporting event cheering our team on.
A district that cares about students and helping them succeed! Awesome teachers and administrators that are always looking for new ways to help students.
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