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Horry county is a very big county and the schools within them unfortunately get different treatment. Myrtle beach high school has the most money therefore has the best facilities and sports teams. Conway has the most amount of students so they get money as well, and Carolina forest has the best preforming arts department. Because of these thing the other schools are left in the dark since they aren't the very best at what they do. school isn't about being the best, it's about the students learning.
I like that Horry County Schools is doing the best they can to keep us safe by using metal detectors, however, they could change the food we are served in the cafeteria.
The different cultures ,the way teachers take time after school to help .There students to achieve after high school .The sports in our county is the highlights on Friday night.When everyone come together students,parents,grandparents just to see the games.The only change I see maybe just to start in middle school getting all kids college prepared also the parents by having work shops.
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Horry county schools is a great place to learn and make relationships. The opportunities you have to succeed give everyone the chance to do great things with their life and allow everyone to have a sense of hope. Also, the people within the school system is what makes it so great. The teachers want everyone to learn and succeed, the parents are involved and want the best for their child, and the children want nothing more than to grown up being contributive members to society.
HCS is an overall good school district.The teachers care about their students and try their best for their students to succeed.
Admin is horrible, teachers are decent with the exception of a few great ones and a few tragic ones.
Horry County schools in my experience seemed to run very well. They always took their students into the biggest account when making changes or modifications to the education system. That being the case, I give them a four out of five stars. The only reason I would not put a five is because I think personally that students were not ALWAYS listened to when being passionate about a certain change or subject. While taking students into account, I still do think the board of education would do what THEY thought best while making it seem like the student body agreed or was happy. With that, however, the system is run well and fellow students seemed happy with their experience.
I just graduated after going through HCS from K-12. Almost every teacher I had really loved their job and worked hard to make students better, as well as administrators. I had access to a lot of things that many students around SC may not have had. I'm very lucky to have gone to the schools I did.
I used to live in Henderson, Nevada and the district there, at the time, seemed very unorganized and everything was off-the-wall. Horry County was more organized and had great scheduling. Most students got the proper treatment when needed and the district was fair with competition.
Horry County Schools was hands on and well funded allowing my personal school, St.James Highschool to thrive. A school strong in academics and the heavy funded of athletic funding. My largest issues was the lack of funding for creation of art programs, putting many students creativity in a box.
The Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology is a great facility and school for future careers and college readiness.
The school county is not bad. They have their moments . I wish they would put more money towards the fine arts and academics. Even towards fixing preexisting school than building new ones.
I like how the safety of the district is when it comes to the students and teachers. They are always ready for anything to happened and on the go. They should change the food policy and the the sports administration.
More College readiness being done. Each teachers working with and having more involvement with the seniors fir preparedness.
There are lots of opportunities to learn things that other people do not have the ability to. The classes are based on your mental ability not what your age is or what your grade is. There is an extremely large amount of testing, although.
I give Horry county a rating of 2 stars because of the fact that they cancel school every chance they get which blocks my learning momentum. Also, the education is taught too much by the book and too little by how the teachers as individuals see the material.
HCS has always done a good job at putting their students first, within schools. From a student perspective however, the Board is a different story. Schools get their rules from the Board which I understand, but going back in time a bit. If we all recall the leggings vs pants arguments and tank tops with 3 finger strap widths vs spaghetti straps... My school personally encouraged students to speak up, but obviously still had to enforce the rules on us, but they didn't discipline us for using our voices against the Board. I'm very glad I was surround my educators that supported me and my fellow classmates through those kinds of ordeals as well as just being good mentors to us all.
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Happy to be in a awesome STEM school in this district. Teachers and counselors have been very helpful.
While Horry County Schools does uphold historical value, it lacks organizational skills and fails to maintain economic conservatism. For example, the school board of education spent thousands building new schools, but failed to purchase any new busses, resulting in chaos and disorder for the entire school year.
Horry County Schools prepares students for the future as most mas possible with college level classes and honors courses available.
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