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My high school experience was just like anybody else’s. I was involved in many clubs and various sports. I loved high school, but there was a major part of my experience that I wish would have happened somewhere other than HHS. The discipline at my school was horrible, nobody ever had any consequences. You want to get caught at a party and still be able to play in your sports game? Go ahead! Oh you got a harassment form filed against you? I’m sorry, they must be a snowflake! Nothing was ever handled seriously or appropriately.
They let me graduate a year early to walk with my sister. My advisor was always pushing me to do my best and to go the extra mile.
Friendly, aware, peaceful environment. Great teacher-student relationships. Maybe needs more spirit once in a while.
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Hoquiam High school was a good school. The teachers genuinely cared for students who happened to be present and wanted to push themselves, but unfortunately it was not the place for me. I was an outsider, and had more ambition than those around me. I was not challenged in the ways I would like and thus I went through running start to attend college early. Even so, I have an immense amount of respect for the staff at the high school.
Since there are things that could be improved on. I'm really impressed that when I came to the high school. I was welcomed with open arms, and was befriended by everyone. My school has taught me how to be a better person;socially and mentally.
My experience at Hoquiam High School, in the Hoquiam School District, has be very memorable. I enjoyed the classes and the community activities. In the future I would like to see more involvement with Hispanic/Latino families.
I've attended Hoquiam High School for the past 3 years. I made a decision to transfer there because of it's great reputation in academics and also in sports. Ever since I've attended this school, I've had nothing but a friendly atmosphere with staff that are willing to help me in order to succeed.
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