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I write this as a senior who moved to Hopkinton during 8th grade. I have had a wonderful educational experience in Hopkinton. The teachers are genuinely nice people who are willing to help you succeed, and I've heard that the academic success here is very high compared to other schools. There is a large number of students here who are focused on self improvement, and the selection of classes, clubs, and other opportunities is sufficient for all types of interests. I have grown very fond of our "rural" town, which to me seems normal sized. Certainly, this helps tremendously with school safety. Although our population is fairly small, we have a very high rate of involvement in sports, which makes our teams often very competitive on the state level. If there was a downside to Hopkinton, it is the lack of diversity, which obviously can change with time. Other than that, there is no good reason not to attend Hopkinton
This is a very student/family focused district. I appreciate the teachers dedication to each students learning. I think that children with behavioral challenges or with special needs get most of the attention/care they need to maintain a good learning environment, but there are certainly some situations that disrupt classroom activities. As a parent of a good student who isn’t in trouble very often, I don’t feel that there is much individualized communication. I’m sure that the teachers communicate well, but their time seems to be tilted toward students with various challenges.
I attended the Hopkinton School District from Grades 1-12. The teachers for the most part are fantastic. They are readily available to give extra help outside of class and they like what they are teaching. The school does seem to strongly favor sports over other after-school activities such as theater. There is also a strong social pressure at this school to take the hardest classes, achieve the best grades, and ultimately get into the best colleges and universities.
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I liked how much teachers tried to make sure that their students understand what they are being taught
As a senior at Hopkinton High School I have gone through all three schools and am very familiar with the school. Hopkinton School District has consistently been ranked high for academics. There are extensive programs and aid given to children with special needs or circumstances. The guidance department is also excellent. The teachers are always willing to give extra help. There is also a strong drama department, and our sports teams do very well. The only negative to the Hopkinton School District, is the facilities. They are poor. The town however will be voting on a million dollar building plan in March, 2018 that will help improve these facilities.
Upper class area where students who grow up here are unaware of the poverty, crime, drug additions and effects that it has on children until they attend another district. Students are very privileged and attend private schools because Hopkinton doesn't offer that something extra. Teachers use the same copied worksheets year-to-year, they are out dated and basically busy work. Teachers move on quickly regardless if most of the class has an understanding of the subject and then try to teach something else when the foundation isn't already laid out. Hopkinton looks good on paper but in the classroom it is time to sweep out the old and bring in a new generation of education.
I couldn't be more dissatisfied and disappointed, we moved here because the schools were suppose to be great, it's a sham, there is a very particular group and type of child that the district caters to. If your child doesn't fit that mold too bad, you better find somewhere else to go. Teachers don't follow through and the whole place is just overrated.
The academics are very rigorous, the teachers get to know you very well and they want to help you succeed. The school is very small so you will have time to get to know each of your teachers well.
Hopkinton is a very small district. There are a total of 400 students in middle and high, together. Hopkinton was a good school for me, the guidance counselor took were well supportive since I moved from France in the middle of my junior year. My guidance counselor is always happy to help me with my college applications and scholarships. Teachers are always there to help you and guide you. The only negative opinion I have about the school is that it is not diverse. Sometimes I feel so different because of my culture and I have a hard time integrating.
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