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I feel that Hopkinton could use more focus on arts and other clubs. But I otherwise have no problems with my school.
I really liked how close everyone in the school is. I walk through the halls knowing almost everyone I see. There is a great sense of community and everyone is very kind.
Great schooling with really welcoming people! Small town feel that brings kids together. There is a bond between teachers and students that makes learning easy and an enjoyable experience.
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I honestly would not have rather graduated from any other school system! I was lucky enough to be a part of the Hopkinton School system from Kindergarten until I graduated my senior year of high school! I loved every minute of it and I made life long friends and connections along the way.
Hopkinton high school has made me college ready. One thing I wish is that I knew how important this would be in my freshman year. The high school offers very challenging classes with compitant teachers. Most of your classmates have them with you since kindergarten. This can be good and bad. They offer a variety of sports. The sports teams can be very difficult to get on or they can have no cuts and everybody can get on. This is great because it offers those who are not completely into sports to still have the experience of being part of the team. Besides sports they also offer extra curricular activities that can be very engaging for the students .
One of the best public schools in America. The students are given so much freedom, support, and opportunities. The teachers, for the most part, are all incredible. They prepare you incredibly well and challenge you enormously. The students value success, but the main pitfall of the school is that it teaches student they are not going anywhere in life if they don't take AP classes and have a 4.0. This mindset is damaging for both people who excel in school and who don't, placing too much pressure on the students for the wrong reasons.
I love HHS. The academics and the teachers are amazing and they have really gotten the students college ready
Cohesive team that works together of parents, students and teachers. The challenge I have as a parent is that my daughter was a nations gymnast. Unfortunately gymnastics was not an offered sport and was never recognized at the school or with her college commitment during her Sophmore year that was until the new athletic director came on board her senior year. She was included and and recognized. I was so impressed and appreciative.
A really great school with nice teachers. Hopkinton has a very positive atmosphere and is a good environment to take academic risks.
As far as academics, I have no complaints. The staff was always helpful, and I never had a truly negative experience with a teacher. I never felt threatened, or alone in the school system. That being said, the lack of diversity did not prepare me for the real world, or the problems in it. Almost all students are privileged financially, racially, or both. Some teachers touch on the issue, but many ignore it completely. Other than that, a worth-while schooling experience.
For the most part, I believe that my children's Hopkinton Public School experience was adequate. There were good times and bad times...Good teachers and not so good ones. The high school did prepare them for College!
Hopkinton has a great school system. The environment is very academically focused but there are plenty of options for students who are arts-oriented. The STEM program is amazing with almost all AP curriculum available. However, it is a bit too competitive. There is an overall lack of people of color in the school.
Hopkinton public schools have great athletic programs that I enjoyed all the way through high school. I never felt alone or unsafe at school
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