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As a parent of Hopkins School District, I love the diversity and quality of education at all levels of education.
I enjoyed the diversity of the school and the support given by the staff. One thing I would change is to add more accelerated programs for students who need a more advanced education.
I went to public school starting out. In fourth grade I went to FAIR school which is a magnet school. 9th grade through 12th grade I went to Main Street School of Performing Arts. (Now known as Performing Institute of MN).
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I love the diversity Hopkins Public Schools has! It's a great place to prepare you for the future-- knowledge and social. I made some lifetime friends, and had some really fun experiences! I think it's a great school overall.
I loved the people at Hopkins High School. The diversity and exposure to all sorts of cultures and people is incredible. Hopkins High School gives students a reality check when it comes to the future, preparing them to continue with their education in college by offering many AP courses. The staff at Hopkins High is very friendly and are passionate in helping students thrive.
With a diverse student body, several levels of academics, great teachers, and a variety of interesting niche classes, Hopkins Public Schools has been a great home for the past 12 years of my life.
I like that Hopkins focuses on college readiness. I think that they could offer more honors/AP classes.
Going to Hopkins was really good experience for me. I played volleyball and was involved in art both of these experiences were great. I also believe they prepared me for college and gave me great resources to apply for colleges. I am very excited to go to college next year but will miss Hopkins and all the great experiences I had there.
It’s been a good experience, overall! Hopkins has shaped me into a well cultured person who understands other people’s perspectives. There are ton of clubs and sports to try and there is a place for everyone!
I love the opportunities the school provided. I akways felt like if I needed it, help was definitely there.
I am a proud Alumni I loved my school the teachers and staff made sure I had everything I needed to made sure I graduated on time and I graduated 2 months ahead of time
Hopkins school district is a district filled with dedicated and satisfying educators. They lack in focus for the arts, and poorly discipline their students. While the faculty is fantastic, the students, as in any other school district, can be horrid.
The structure was large and well kept, for the most part, the teachers were kind and helpful. The food could be improved upon, but there was a wide selection to choose from.
The strong academic curriculum and class choices were very helpful. The overall presentation and appearance of the school were pleasing. Half the time, the teachers were really great while others have a terrible teaching method. The junior highs feel very oppressive and controlling and terrible, while the high school is much better, but comparatively, the contrast is sharp. Hopkins High School is definitely the best school out of all the Hopkins schools in the system. For the most part, there are issues, but unfortunately when they're pointed out, the administration never seems to listen or do anything. The best schools are progressive and have an open mind to criticism and advice.
They have taught me many things and are advanced in there system of education. At times I feel they do not give me enough information to progress into the future. Such as helping with college process.
I have attended Hopkins Public Schools since I was in Kindergarten. Every year I have fallen in love with my teachers. With each school I connect with the administration. It has been a superb attending Hopkins Schools. Also, all of the lunch ladies are super nice
Hopkins is a good school district because of the diversity it provides for its students. There is opportunity to meet classmates from all different backgrounds, which enhances learning because of different perspectives and cultures represented. There are some truly amazing teachers and staff members. I think you get out of Hopkins the effort you put in- for example, joining sports teams, taking AP classes, and taking advantage of many other opportunities gives everyone a unique experience throughout school.
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It is an ok school but there is a lot of drug use and fighting in this school. Most of the teachers are good but some of the curriculum is not challenging or miss leading.
I love this school district, it may not look as good as others but trust me it is. It has amazing diversity and the teachers love and care about every student. The students are eh ok but teenagers are teenagers.
Hopkins schools are all inclusive, welcoming, and positive environments for kids. The teachers support students in advancing their learning. The staff at Eisenhower Elementary, where my two daughters go, work hard to harness the potential of every child to attain success at IKE and XingXing and beyond.
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