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Hopkins Public School District is so much different than other school districts. I believe that the teachers truly do care about the well-being of the students. The "community" feeling that we have in our village is so strong, and you can definitely feel that when walking the halls. I think it is so important to go to a high school where you feel so connected to everybody. I really do enjoy knowing almost every student, and knowing every teacher, as well as creating a bond with almost everyone. Most of the students do respect the teachers, and the teachers show that they also respect the students.
Great with kids that have a hard time sitting for so long and a short attention span! They kept my youngest son happy and informed me of all that was going on. He is now going into 4th grade with all A's and I couldn't be more impressed with his ability to want to learn.
The teachers at Hopkins are great. However, sometimes the administration makes some poor decisions. School is rarely called off during the winter months when driving conditions are potentially dangerous towards students' safety. I wish HPS was more focused on academics rather than athletics.
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I like that it is small. I like that you know almost everyone in your grade while at other bigger schools you often only know maybe half the people in your grade. The only thing I would like to see change is maybe more diversity even though that really is not something the school can control.
Hopkins is average for a small school, the athletics are average as well. The teachers are the best part of the school, they raise the bar.
I've greatly enjoyed my time at Hopkins. While most other kids hate their high school, as it's the place where their souls died a little bit sitting through countless hours of Geometry class. I can say with full certainty that Hopkins is a wonderful, well-rounded school. Many are already set in their ways of being farmers, but the ones who decided to continue their academic careers were wonderfully driven and academically sucessful people.
Hopkins Public Schools is a very nice place to send your children to school. I grew up in the district and chose to stay and raise my family there. It is a smaller school district in the country. It is one of the best districts in the area.
I attended Hopkins Public Schools from kindergarten until graduation. It was a wonderful experience and the people made it amazing!
Hopkins public schools can be rather closed off, though they are known for football the team usually sucks, and the sports teams who do well go unacknowledged.
Typically high school, not much bullying. Although, doesn't have much money for district. Teachers are underpaid and administers overpaid.
I loved the faculty and the atmosphere of the school, most students are very accepting and welcoming.
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