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I have attended Hopkins County Schools for seven years. From sixth grade to present there was never a year that I didnt have faculty and staff available ready to help me achieve my goals. It gives a student the confidence and courage to accomplish everyday tasks. I am ready and prepared to start my new adventure in college because of Hopkins County schools today. Some things I would like to see change is to have stronger disciplinary rules. One example would be the use of tobacco products. It really needs to be enforced more. Overall my experience with Hopkins county schools have been amazing and I will forever be thankful and grateful to have had the privilege to attend.
Overall the teacher's who work at the school's are very nice and considerate. The food has become progressively worse and worse throughout the years, but the cafeteria staff cannot help it. I wish there were more language classes offered in high school and a few more electives.
Our district’s administration and faculty advocate for our children, fighting and changing the course of their futures! The amazing teachers in Hopkins County, Kentucky truly inspire and mold our students into the future leaders of our nation! The teachers in our small district have set personal standards for their students, above and beyond the established state requirements. The educators of Hopkins County School District are the best in the state! They deserve much more, considering the differences they make in the future of our county and in the daily lives of their students.
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Hopkins County Schools has always been my home and most of my teachers have put forth their best efforts to make it feel like home.
There was a variety of students and the teachers genuinely cared about each and every one of their students. In the future, I wish to see a physics, another foreign language, and a wood shop class. There are plenty of options for students going into health care and that was very helpful for those who participated in the classes at the Career and Technology classes.
Hopkins County Public Schools were average in my opinion. I think that most of the education was average, but I feel that the teaching purposes were pushing us towards doing well on tests instead of actually educating us. The food was definitely the worst.
These schools have played a big part in my life and my childrens lifes. I would recommend them to you IF you live in this county. Overall I give them, 3 out of 5 stars. I did get my general dipolma from these school, and I cherish a lot of the teachers, and former teachers of my generation. I would like to say Thank you!.
All my teachers have been very respectful toward me. My parents can be easily involved but there could be better resources relating to college. The students demonstrate subpar diversity but it is still a really great community
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