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Administration isn't the best at getting things done well, especially when they need to take care of things right away.
Hvchs was overall a good school. Most of the teachers really care about your success. My only issues were that 1) there is little to no diversity 2) it is assumed you will go to college and they don’t really introduce you to any other options if you decide that’s not your plan (I don’t even know how one got into a votech program) And 3) the kids can be pretty mean. Especially the rich white kids with their parents money. Some kids can be really brutal. To the point where I would suggest enrolling your kid in a private therapy Right off the bat to deal with the transition if your kid will be a new student or if you even suspect there is something off about your child’s mood. Rumors fly at this school and once you find yourself an outcast it’s very hard to fit back in. I was part of the sports teams all 4 years and I was white so I didn’t really have to worry about that but there were some students who I don’t know how they made it through high school.
We moved to HVRSD in 2016 and have been nothing but impressed. The teachers, staff and administrators are always looking to help the individual students’ needs. Excellent communication with parents. Excellent preparation for college. We absolutely love it!
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Hopewell RSD is exactly the type of insular lily-white district run by inept people that you'd expect. It can't keep itself out of the news with reported sex assaults by current and previous staff, racist rants by parents at sports games, and threats against black students that made national news. keep your children away- a cursory search online will reveal ALL of these instances.
We have had a very bad experience with the school district. This is a district that tries to compete with neighboring districts that actually deliver what they promise. We could not in good conscience recommend this district to anyone. Beyond the shiny veneer is a rotting core.
The schools could pass as private schools. They are well funded and they have great courses and great teachers. The test scores are also relatively good. The one problem is that the schools are depressingly white and are not diverse at all. I think that the school does try to make us aware of different races, though which is a good thing.
I loved the School district in which I lived. The school gave me the opportunity not only to prepare for college in the way in which I feel academically ready but also socially. I feel I have the tools to be able to in both areas to now become independent of my parents and soar.
Teachers at Hopewell seem to genuinely care about the future and well-being of their students and are willing to spend extra time with students teaching them lessons about life both within and outside of the classroom.
Hopewell Valley Regional School district is a great place to grow up and all of the schools prepare you for the next stage of your life. After leaving high school, I feel as though I was very prepared for college socially and academically. The teachers really care about their students and it is easy to get extra help.
Hopewell Valley Regional School District is a wonderful place for families who want their kids to be 100% ready for college.
The District has made great strides to improve the quality of education and is known for its tight-knit community and supportive parents. Teacher quality makes all the difference, and there are some outstanding teachers, particularly at the high school. But some of the teachers don't seem to be motivated to bring out the best in their students, and do not provide useful feedback.
Most of the teachers at Hopewell are outstanding. They are willing to go out of their way to help students.
HVRSD is so privileged you'd think it's a private school. It has an astounding performing arts program and facilities, which more than make up for our lousy football team. CHS offers lots of AP courses too. And talking about courses, there's both an indoor and outdoor high ropes course, plus an outdoor low ropes course at the high school.
Hopewell Valley Central School District was a great experience. I still know my kindergarten teacher and will not forget the memories I made there.
Hopewell is a great school district to grow up in. There are so many opportunities for students to stay involved and to prepare for college.
During my time so far at Hopewell, I’ve had excellent experiences with my teachers and fellow students, and making friends and doing well in classes is easy with universal support from those around you. Diversity is critically low at Hopewell, though the administration makes an effort to represent minorities in school culture and celebrations. Though I won’t miss “Worst Joke Wednesdays” (sadly, it is exactly what it sounds like) after graduation, I will miss the schools work hard, play hard atmosphere.
Hopewell has opened my eyes to the many possibilities in life, as well as allowing me to discover the many paths I can take in my life. It has truly been an amazing education and foundation.
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Hopewell Valley Regional High School prepared me for a high-level of academic success in college. The teachers are supportive and willing to go out of their way to help their students. The school environment allows for a challenging course-load. There is also a wide-range of sports and other activities offered, which adds to creating well-rounded students. The reputation of the school speaks for itself. It is also becoming more diverse as the community continues to expand.
I enjoyed my time at HVCHS. I attended this school for all for years of my high school years. I liked the sports that are offered and I enjoyed playing sports here. The coaches are mostly good. We have a lot of really good sport teams. and I like friends and I like the different types of classes and clubs offered
I transferred to Hopewell Valley only a couple years ago but the place immediately felt like home. The counselors were extremely welcoming and helpful, the students are friendly. I recommend joining one of the hundreds of clubs and sports teams Hopewell Valley Regional School District has.
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