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Hopewell Valley Regional School District Reviews

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Most of the teachers at Hopewell are outstanding. They are willing to go out of their way to help students.
HVRSD is so privileged you'd think it's a private school. It has an astounding performing arts program and facilities, which more than make up for our lousy football team. CHS offers lots of AP courses too. And talking about courses, there's both an indoor and outdoor high ropes course, plus an outdoor low ropes course at the high school.
Hopewell Valley Central School District was a great experience. I still know my kindergarten teacher and will not forget the memories I made there.
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Hopewell is a great school district to grow up in. There are so many opportunities for students to stay involved and to prepare for college.
During my time so far at Hopewell, I’ve had excellent experiences with my teachers and fellow students, and making friends and doing well in classes is easy with universal support from those around you. Diversity is critically low at Hopewell, though the administration makes an effort to represent minorities in school culture and celebrations. Though I won’t miss “Worst Joke Wednesdays” (sadly, it is exactly what it sounds like) after graduation, I will miss the schools work hard, play hard atmosphere.
Hopewell has opened my eyes to the many possibilities in life, as well as allowing me to discover the many paths I can take in my life. It has truly been an amazing education and foundation.
Hopewell Valley Regional High School prepared me for a high-level of academic success in college. The teachers are supportive and willing to go out of their way to help their students. The school environment allows for a challenging course-load. There is also a wide-range of sports and other activities offered, which adds to creating well-rounded students. The reputation of the school speaks for itself. It is also becoming more diverse as the community continues to expand.
I enjoyed my time at HVCHS. I attended this school for all for years of my high school years. I liked the sports that are offered and I enjoyed playing sports here. The coaches are mostly good. We have a lot of really good sport teams. and I like friends and I like the different types of classes and clubs offered
I transferred to Hopewell Valley only a couple years ago but the place immediately felt like home. The counselors were extremely welcoming and helpful, the students are friendly. I recommend joining one of the hundreds of clubs and sports teams Hopewell Valley Regional School District has.
I really like Hopewell Valley Regional School District. All of the teachers are super friendly and are very helpful. If you ask a teacher for extra help in a class, they will always be there for you. Also, the high school has done a great thing with their recitations. This allows a student to get extra help in a world language, math, or english. Another great thing is that there are tons of things to do no matter what age you are. In elementary school, there are amazing activities like March Madness and the circus. In middle school, there are night outs for each grade which are tons of fun. For high school, there are numerous clubs to join that are amazing. The one thing I would like to see the district improve is the food quality. The elementary and middle school isn't the best, and the high school food improves a little.
Most teachers are nice and there's good funding but some of the buildings are old and not meant for the high student volume. The technology provided is adequate but the teachers either rely on it too much or do not understand how to use it. There's not nearly as much focus on the humanities as there should be and athletics gets way too much. The students in the performing arts academy are heavily preferred by the performing arts teachers which is so unfair to other students in those classes. There's a very assumed mindset in teachers that the students will be continuing into colleges and they often treat the dual enrolled students as lost causes. Some teachers try to shield students and some belittle them for not understanding the "Hopewell bubble" instead of educating us on where we fit into the world. If you get the right combination of teachers a student could succeed but there are some who are dream killers.
Hopewell Valley did a fantastic job in preparing me for college. My roommates here at Carnegie Mellon we all hit by a truck when they began classes. They had never experienced that amount of work before and were not prepared. Hopewell gave me a similar amount of work to what I have received in college so far. Therefore I have been able to handle my first year of college well. Though the teachers were not always fantastic, they cared about their students for the most part. Bad teachers also prepared me for the horrible professors that all colleges have. Hopewell was a great place with great people.
In the past 12 years of being at Hopewell Valley, I believe that the knowledge I have gained has been substantial towards preparing me for college. My elementary school, Bear Tavern, gave 4th and 5th graders the opportunity to experience what a higher level class is like. The middle school was effective at preparing me, as well as many other students, for high school, both in giving us skills and knowledge that we would use in the future and in helping us establish proper personal studying techniques. Within my 3 years of being in the high school thus far, I have been able to find a passion in new extracurriculars and sports. In addition, I have been able to experience what a college course is like through AP courses. The high school has also helped me establish time-management skills, which are essential to anyone who is preparing for their college experience.
Extremely good professors and environment for learning. Early grade learning is excellent and allows for kids to make life-long friends. However, further graded levels lack of Advanced Placement courses, as well as limited amount of clubs.
My child is thriving academically, socially, with the arts and sports. Next year, he hopes to join a few of the many clubs that HVCHS teachers facilitate. The size of HVCHS allows the students and parents to be involved in many facets of the district. The Superintendent and his staff are seen regularly at every school event.
I had a wonderful time at Hopewell Valley. I was in the technical theatre department for six years. My only complaint was that the distribution of funds and prioritizing of sports over education and the arts was unfair and challenging for students
Hopewell Valley is an amazing school district. Its not diversed but they are trying to get there. Staff of amazing people who want to see the students succeed.
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As a high school senior at HVCHS, teachers, as well as school counselor s are very supportive on the student's success and preparing for college. College prep is highly emphasized here and many scholarships and resources are readily available.
Best district in NJ! Great teachers, students, administrators and resources. So many opportunities!!
The Hopewell school district strives to make their students have a safe and academically challenging environment. The entire district prepares you well with a wide variety of classes and a continuously updating curriculum.
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