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Hopewell High School is a decent school, but there are some issues around the school. There are some good teachers there, but not all are very great. Safety is not always the best there are frequent fights in the hallways. Football and Basketball are the valued sports in this school, which granted those are great sports in the mind of most peers, but not everyone plays those sports. The food isn’t always the greatest but I wouldn’t say it is terrible. This school isn’t the worst out there, but I would say there are many areas where maybe they could improve.
I like that it is accredited. Passing test means we are learning and taking our education very serious. I feel voices of the youth should be heard more. Great sports program. The school take safety very seriously. The food can be better give the students more variety. It would be nice to have another pto organization, for some reason there is not an pto. How can parents ideas come together to help the students if a pto is not together. The school has great spirits and after school programs. Having more vocational trade options that could those with disability. One thing do like about the High school are the beautiful hand made cards the Life Skill class make through out the year for every occasion.
Hopewell City Public Schools have been my home away from home my whole life. I feel safe and free to be myself everyday. Like any other schools we have our challenges but all in all my experience has been smooth sailing. Though I am very excited for the years to come and moving on.
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Academic study was great and very helpful for students. There is an awesome teaching staff. The school sports and activities are good for students. The school ensures safety is a priority.
HHS has provided the students the opportunity to excell to the best of their abilities through both academics and athletics. They have created partnerships with area governor schools for specialized education as well as with local colleges to provide students with opportunities to take college-credit courses. Our administrators, within the building and at the school board level, are constantly seeking ways to improve the classroom environment so that all students feel valued, respected and receive the best possible education that prepares us for our future.
My experience at Hopewell had some good days and bad days. The Good days is when everyone get along, theres not alot of yelling in class and different extracurricular activities, but on bad day’s it be school meetings about the syllabus what would should we do or what they would cut out if we keep doing those things.
This school is on the come up. They are currently trying to figure out the best choices for the school like, the cell phone policies. I believe after they figure out how they want to go about that and enforce the rule for everybody they'll be better. The school has free lunch for everyone. The school is pretty clean and the teachers are good.
In my experience at Hopewell high school, there were a lot of teacher involvement with the students, a lot of help from the adult authority figures. During my four years at Hopewell high school educationally it was excellent the food selection could have been better and more programs to help you prepare for the outside world could have been useful. Other than those faults Hopewell high school has a great guidance system and an awesome administrative team who actual take the time out their day to help students out with there problems and to ensure the safety of the kids. If I had the option to choose which high school I would've liked to attend I still would have choose Hopewell high because that's how fun my experience was and that's how much I loved going there.
Hopewell Public Schools are one of the best districts in Virginia. Every school has something to work on, I would say Hopewell needs to work on student involvement. Clubs and Activities are one of the best things about the district. The football team, basketball team, and marching band are very successful activities. College Readiness is definitely excellent. If a student is taking AP, or Dual Enrollment courses the student will be more than ready.
I would like to see better lunch food. Classes that prepare you for college preferably math because in college you aren't allowed to use calculators but in high school they told us to put every thing in the calculator.
A nice school with highly trained staff. The class times are a bit long, so that took the last star for me.
I'll be starting my Sophomore year attending Hopewell Highschool. My average gpa is a 3.5 out of 4.0 & I honestly couldn't do it without the motivation of my parents, teachers , and administrators help. At our school, they always make sure you take the right classes and will change them to whatever you need. The school is only getting better and better , that's what matters the most !
The teachers are very diverse and bring a whole new perspective each and every year for the young scholars. We have an excellent Spanish program that I am enrolled in and I love it ! The worst thing would be the lunches but other than that there's nothing wrong with Hopewell High school ! 💓
What I liked about Hopewell High School is the opportunities they give you. They make sure everyone stays involved and they do their best to keep the students out of trouble. They work with you to make sure you're on top of your work and if you ever need help virtually any teacher is willing to help.
As a student of Hopewell Public Schools, I have had a wonderful educational experience in my elementary, middle and high school years. I was a student in advance classes in elementary school, moved to a gifted program in 4th grade, and continued in the gifted program throughout my middle school years. I the took advanced and AP classes in high school and have achieved greater than a 4.0 average overall. The teachers and principals have been fantastic and I will look back on my educational experience at Hopewell with a smile!
My experience personally has been great! I've always loved Hopewell, based on the people and social things however I would like to see them improve on their education. Many teachers just don't care and would rather socialize than teach and I believe it's really hurting the students. Learning is fun to me and I enjoy it but it is hard when the teachers just don't care.
My experience in Hopewell City Public Schools has been fantastic. I attended two elementary schools, Patrick Copeland Elementary, and Dupont Elementary. Both schools were great, has great teachers, and had a great principal. Dupont was for gifted students, so I entered the Gifted Program there and continued in this program in Carter Woodson Middle School. This school also had great teachers and a super principal. My education accelerated there. Lastly, I attended Hopewell High School, where I enrolled in as many advanced and AP classes as I was allowed. Those teachers have been most helpful in my academic needs. Overall, I have enjoyed attending all of these schools and would highly recommend them.
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Hopewell City Public Schools is a great system that really focuses on the education and advancement of its students. They are determined and motivated to ensuring that every child is heard and themselves. As and alum of Hopewell City Public Schools I can truly say that I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and felt that I was well prepared for life after grade school.
My experience attending Hopewell City Public Schools has had its challenging moments and its perks. I have learned many things in this school system that I could take with me every where I go in life. The environment is full of very positive people and positive vibes. The teachers work with you individually if you need it and they will go the extra mile to help you.
I made many friends at Hopewell High School and the teachers taught me a great deal but I believe and intervention, 30-45 min. block is needed.
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